Lac-Mégantic is a town in the Quebec province of Canada’s Eastern Townships. It is situated on Lac Mégantic, a freshwater lake that bears the same name as the area. Lac-Mégantic is the seat of the Le Granit Regional County Municipality and the Mégantic judicial district, and is located in the former Frontenac County in the historic Eastern Townships. The City of Lac-Mégantic, which is blessed with abundant natural resources, has established a long-term growth strategy centred on economic stability and environmental sustainability.


The Abenaki people populated the area before Europeans arrived. Archaeological digs revealed that the Amerindians had lived in the area for over 12,000 years, making it Quebec’s oldest documented human settlement. Mégantic is named after the Abenaki word “namesokanjik,” which means “place where the fish are kept.”

In the history of Lac-Megantic, a major disaster struck the region, causing widespread devastation. A runaway train carrying 72 crude oil tankers derailed in the early morning hours of July 6, 2013, as it approached the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. The tanker cars exploded, causing the oil to catch fire, killing 47 people and damaging most of the town’s infrastructure.

1. To live in Lac-Mégantic is to enjoy a high standard of living. Lac-Mégantic is a one-of-a-kind city on the shores of Lake Mégantic. Bike routes, parks, golf courses, and a marina, all within minutes of the city’s major areas, will thrill outdoor enthusiasts. The new plan for the downtown area will astound you.

2. The relatively low cost of living in comparison to the rest of the world makes it easier to find affordable housing. Lac-monthly Mégantic’s housing costs are far lower than those in other Québec cities for both homeowners and tenants. In comparison to the rest of Québec, the median monthly payment for tenants in Lac-Mégantic is $188 less. In Québec, home owners pay $149 less per month on average than non-home owners.

3. Lac-Mégantic is an outstanding, but accessible, place to live and work, with a robust network of education and health services. Lac-Mégantic is a safe and stable community for families, with a relatively low crime rate.


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