Lac-Sergent is a village on the shores of Sergeant Lake in the Portneuf Regional County Municipality of Quebec, Canada. It is approximately 50 kilometres north of Quebec City.

Lake Sergent is a freshwater body in the Capitale-Nationale administrative district of Quebec, Canada. It is located in the municipality of Lac-Sergent, in the Portneuf Regional County Municipality.The shores of Lac Sergent are densely populated, especially in the village of Lac-Sergent, which is located south of the lake. Vacationing started about 1896 at Lac Sergent, and it dates back to 1857–1858 at Sept-Îles Lake.


1. Store Manager

The store manager, as a member of the Store Management Team, is responsible for driving successful revenue by meeting sales and benefit targets, managing budgets, and forecasting sales. Proactively analyses and employs sales/financial reports, economic conditions, and community needs to spot and adapt to market shifts while keeping costs under control. Assists in the analysis of sales reports through communicating sales results to associates.

2. Administration Manager 

The job of an administration manager is to oversee a company’s administrative operations. They are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the agency, as well a s supervising and supporting staff. Administrative Manager is another common title in the sector.

Administration Managers are middle-management level officers who supervise administrative personnel and report to a general manager or business manager. Administrative Services Managers are expected to expand at an annual pace of 8% through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Software Designer 

Throughout the software development life cycle, you can collaborate with other developers and product managers. Your aim will be to create effective programmes and services that meet the needs of users. The demand of software engineers is quite high in the Canadian market, that’s why it is smart to apply for the job of a software designer. 

4. IT Technician 

IT technicians work to ensure that computer systems operate smoothly by diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining hardware and software components. IT technicians are responsible for installing and configuring computer hardware as well as serving as the company’s primary point of contact for IT support. 

Since they will work with colleagues from different departments and executive levels, IT technicians are required to have strong interpersonal skills. They must pay attention to their technical requirements, comprehend their challenges, and introduce solutions.

5.  Functional Analyst

Functional analysts are in charge of evaluating procedures within an organisation in order to meet the needs of customers. They serve as a conduit between users and the application’s technical development team.

To put it another way, a Business Analyst is more concerned with the management side of things, while a Functional Analyst is more concerned with the operational side of things and typically deals with more advanced technical responsibilities.

6. Health Advisor 

With the increasing diseases in the country, the demand for healthcare advisors has increased in Canada. A Healthcare Advisor is a specialist who assists patients and their families in navigating the healthcare system, which is complicated and confusing. They assist people with a variety of healthcare issues, including checking medical bills, generating medication options, working out health insurance claims, and more.

7. Production Supervisor 

As a production leader, you’ll keep an eye on workers and organise workflows to ensure that manufacturing runs smoothly and efficiently. The supervisor is an important part of the manufacturing process in a fast-paced environment like production. They must be capable and understand complicated procedures 

You should also be able to optimise daily operations while lowering costs. The aim is to ensure that manufacturing processes produce high-quality goods in a cost-effective manner. The best Production Supervisors make quick decisions under pressure and ensure the deadlines are met.

8. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are often a customer’s initial point of contact with a company. In order to achieve customer loyalty, a CSR’s responsibilities include answering incoming calls and customer service requests, generating sales leads that transform into new customers, and recognising and assessing customer needs.

9.  Accounting Coordinator

Accounting coordinators ensure that the accounting department operates smoothly and that all external contacts are managed. One of the responsibilities of an accounting manager is to establish financial status by creating and implementing processes for collecting, updating, verifying, and reporting information. We’re also on the hunt for someone who can work closely with our finance department.