LACHUTE Jobs Near Me

Lachute is a town in southwest Quebec, Canada, west of Mirabel International Airport and northwest of Montreal. It is located on the Rivière du Nord, a tributary of the Ottawa River. It’s on Autoroute 50, near the intersections of Quebec Provincial Highways Routes 148 and 158, as well as Secondary Highways 327 and 329. The Lachute Airport serves the city of Lachute, which is the seat of the Argenteuil Regional County Municipality. Paper mills and timber are two of the city’s main industries. The population is estimated to be about 12,000 people.


Lachute is Canada’s 3147th most expensive town, with a median listing price of $187,950. The median home price in Lachute is $187,950, which is lower than the national average. If you’re searching for an investment property in Lachute, you’ll probably find homes with three bedrooms on the market this month. Quebec has the second-highest number of properties open to developers, with Lachute ranking 86th out of 1047 in the province.

Can we predict how well Lachute will do next year? No, but before doing analysis, we should look at the data we already have and use it as a starting point. Housing stock has decreased in Lachute over the last three months, implying that home buyers are buying up properties faster than they are available.

Lachute’s economy has become more diverse, and the town is now a vital hub on the OTTAWA RIVER’S north side. Pulp and paper are still a big part of the local economy, but there’s also food, furniture, and boat building. The Musée Régional d’Argenteuil depicts the region’s creation during the nineteenth century. The industrial space in Lachute can support a wide range of businesses.

1. Assistant manager

Staff schedules, new employee preparation, and new employee recruitment are normally the responsibilities of an Assistant Manager. Depending on the field, they might be asked to handle compounded consumer issues because they often work with customers. Through performing administrative duties such as employee management and customer care, an Assistant Manager assists a manager in keeping a company or store running smoothly.

2. Accounting Assistant

A member of a company’s accounting department who helps in both clerical and administrative duties is known as an accounting clerk. An accounting clerk is in charge of basic office tasks including reporting, bookkeeping, examination, and the resolution of any discrepancies that may occur as a result of the tasks he or she performs.

3.  Human resources agent

What is the meaning of the term “human resources”? HR officers are in charge of many facets of a company’s human resources. Recruiting, office management, interviews, hiring, firing, compensation, compliance policy, pay negotiations, organisational preparation, team building, and employee relations are just a few of the responsibilities they have.

4. Communications Advisor

A communications advisor’s duties include writing interviews, promotions, press releases, annual reports, website copy, and video scripts. Working with key internal leaders and departments to develop plans and communications. Organizing or helping in the media planning process. Reporting to the organisation on the progress of the strategy.

5.  Customer Service Assistant

Assisting customer service representatives and arranging and planning customer orders for distribution to the appropriate organisation are among the duties of a customer service assistant. Interact with customers to learn about their needs and desires. Solve a wide range of overlapping and complex customer care issues. Ascertain the product delivery and dispatch meet customer deadlines. Keeping track of customer information and databases is important.

6. Banking Advisor

A financial advisor is a financial expert who advises and consults on a person’s or a company’s finances. Individuals and companies will benefit from financial advisors’ advice on wealth-building strategies, which will help them achieve their financial goals faster.

7. Logistics Manager

The Logistic Manager is responsible for ensuring that finished goods are shipped efficiently and delivered in the correct order, on time, and at a reasonable cost. The incumbent acts as a resource in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes to make the most efficient use of the carriers. The incumbent is also in charge of the truck and trailer fleet, as well as the equipment repair team.

8. Conventional Machinist

As a typical machinist, you’ll use manual and automated equipment, as well as precise measurements, to produce or repair precision parts. A great machinist must have dexterous hands and an acute sense of detail. They must also be skilled in math and mechanics, as well as possess a good sense of security.