Laval Jobs Near Me

Laval is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada, located north of Montreal. It is Montreal’s largest suburb, the province’s third-largest city after Montreal and Quebec City, and Canada’s thirteenth largest city, with a population of 422,993 in 2016. The Rivière des Mille Îles separates Laval from the mainland to the north, and the Rivière des Prairies separates Laval from the Island of Montreal to the south. Laval encompasses both Île Jésus and the Îles Laval.


The technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and retail sectors are the backbone of Laval’s diverse economy. It has a thriving pharmaceutical industry, as well as stone quarries and a thriving agriculture sector. Long considered a bedroom community, Laval has expanded its economy, especially in the retail sector, with the construction of numerous shopping malls, warehouses, and various retail stores. There are four separate industrial parks in Laval.

The first is Industrial Park Centre, which is located on the corner of St. Martin West and Industriel Blvd. in the heart of Laval. The Industrial Park Centre, one of Quebec’s largest municipal industrial parks, has Laval’s highest concentration of manufacturing companies: 1,024 at last count, with 22,378 workers.

In simple terms, Laval’s highly diversified economy consists of a well-developed industrial sector, dynamic technical and scientific services, and a manufacturing industry that includes businesses in the life sciences, information technology, agri-food, metal goods, machinery, and transportation equipment industries, as well as many experienced exporters operating in a variety of markets.

Are you on the move again? Have you checked off anything on the ultimate moving checklist? Ok, kudos to you! Now you can officially take a day off while you study all of the benefits of relocating to Laval. What is it about Laval that you don’t like? It is a city in southwestern Quebec, north of Montreal, in Canada.

Laval was established in 1965 and now has a population of 422,993 people. This rapid population growth has resulted in massive industrial expansion over the years. Without having to drive long distances, Laval offers the most incredible experiences. It offers a variety of events and attractions for thrill seekers as well as culture buffs. However, before visiting the various attractions, you must first select a neighbourhood in which to live.

1. Customer Service Assistant

Do you enjoy being involved and assisting others? Do you have the special something that makes our customers happy? Then you’ve got what it takes to play this part! Your work entails warmly greeting customers and ensuring a positive customer experience, assisting customers in loading items into their carts or vehicles, bringing carts to customers that need assistance, and collecting carts and baskets scattered around the parking lot.

2. Merchandising Service Associate

The primary responsibility of the Merchandising Service Associate (MSA) is to complete all assigned merchandising reset and service-related tasks properly, on schedule, and in compliance with merchandising and safety requirements.

3. Pharmacy Technical Assistant

Patients are supplied with medications and medical instruments by Pharmacy Technical Assistants, who are highly trained healthcare professionals. [requires citation] They are highly skilled and capable of dealing with tough circumstances.

4. Maintenance Worker

Maintenance employees, also known as repair workers, are responsible for the repair and maintenance of mechanical machinery, structures, and devices. Plumbing, painting, flooring repair and upkeep, electrical upgrades, and heating and air conditioning system maintenance are among the responsibilities.

5. Client Advisor

Customers are given information and assistance by Client Advisors. A Client Advisor’s primary responsibilities include promoting the business, recommending goods and services, responding to client inquiries, referring clients to a senior if necessary, and reporting to supervisors.

6. Assistant Manager

An Assistant Manager assists a manager in keeping a business or store working smoothly by performing administrative duties such as employee supervision and customer service. An Assistant Manager’s primary duty is to fill in for a manager while the manager is unavailable. They’ll typically use the role to learn about the responsibilities of a manager, and they’ll be on their way to becoming one. 

7. Operations specialist

The Operations Specialist’s duties include inventory management, supply ordering accuracy, operating equipment repair and replacement, process optimization, managing the operations team, and liaising with external stakeholders.