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Dorval Island, also known as L’Île-Dorval, is a city and an island in southwestern Quebec, Canada, off the coast of the Island of Montreal in Lake Saint-Louis. A seasonal ferry service connects it to the city of Dorval, which is located a short distance offshore. It merged with the city of Montreal on January 1, 2002, as part of the 2002–2006 municipal reorganisation of Montreal, and became part of the borough of Dorval–L’Île-Dorval. It regained independence on January 1, 2006, after a change of government and a referendum in 2004.

According to the 2016 Canadian Census, the population grew by 4.2 percent to 18,980 people. While having the highest surface area in the West Island, it has one of the lowest population densities. The Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport takes up about 60% of the city’s territory, forcing many of Dorval’s residents to congregate in the city’s southern reaches. Dorval, established in 1667, is the oldest city in the West Island and one of the oldest in Canada and North America.

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Dorval’s history begins in 1665, when Sulpician priests founded a mission on the outskirts of Ville-Marie, a French settlement that later became known as Montreal. Gentilly was Dorval’s original name. La Présentation-de-la-Vierge-Marie was later renamed. In 1691, Jean-Baptiste Bouchard d’Orval purchased the domain of La Présentation, which had previously been held by Pierre Le Gardeur de Repentigny. It was first founded as a village in 1892, then as a town in 1903, and finally as a city in 1956.

Despite being a summer cottage community with just five permanent residents as of the Canada 2011 Census, the island called Dorval Island, established in 1860 constitutes the separate city of L’Île-Dorval. A private ferry service connects the island to the city of Dorval.

1. Electronic Assembler

Electronic assemblers are responsible for preparing and placing electronic components in a wide range of products. This role can be used in a variety of industries, helping to fabricate and assemble medical devices, computer equipment, and household goods. This is a highly technical, detail-oriented role that necessitates a thorough understanding of circuit boards and electronic components, as well as soldering and other methods of securely assembling electronics so that they function as anticipated.

2. Customer Service Agent 

Customer service officers serve as a company’s face, interacting directly with customers to answer questions and provide additional assistance as required. They can be used in every sector that has a consumer base. This is an entry-level job that usually does not require any formal schooling. Candidates for this role should be able to function well with others and have outstanding interpersonal communication skills. Many customer service representatives work regular working hours, but a small few work for companies that provide round-the-clock customer service.

3. Production Worker

In a variety of sectors, production staff help with processing, fabrication, and assembly. Although this job title can cover a wide range of manufacturing and production tasks, the majority of production staff work on a production or assembly line, creating components and goods that ultimately reach customers. Production workers usually work in groups, each of whom is in charge of a particular aspect of a larger project.

4. Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist (also known as a Physical Therapist) is a vital member of the healthcare team whose job it is to use exercise, manual therapy, recovery procedures, and physical activity to rehabilitate patients back to normal without the use of medications 

5. Product specialist

Product specialists keep track of all facets of a product’s lifecycle, including long-term and short-term product growth, as well as marketing. Works with a variety of team members, including developers and marketers, to have in-depth awareness of goods in comparison to the existing market competition.

6. Warehouse Associate

You will be delivering goods from delivery trucks as a warehouse partner. You can stock the warehouse with all of the goods and assist with all warehouse operations. You will be in charge of correctly shipping all of the orders. The ultimate aim is to ensure that all warehouse tasks are completed efficiently.

7. Inside Sales Analyst

A sales analyst’s role is to improve a company’s sales and income. This is accomplished by competitive analysis, forecasting, and suggestions on how the sales, marketing, and other teams can proceed. A sales analyst can also work with the marketing team to develop successful strategies, or with the supply chain team to ensure that production and inventory run smoothly.