Mascouche Jobs Near Me

Mascouche is a southern Quebec, Canada, off-island neighbourhood of Montreal. The city is on the Mascouche River and is part of the Les Moulins Regional County Municipality. It has a population of 42,491 people, making it the 30th largest municipality in Quebec. Maskutchew is an Algonquin word that means “bear plain” in singular. For the nearby Les Maskoutains Regional County Municipality, compare the plural type to maskutew.


On the banks of the Mascouche River, this fast-growing city has many historical attractions, including some quaint old homes, a manor, and a mill. Vieux-Mascouche (Old Mascouche) and the Parc du-Grand-Coteau are two of the most popular tourist destinations. The Mascouche Festival de peinture is one of the city’s cultural highlights. Hiking, cross-country skiing, and golfing are also available. Mascouche has plenty to do and see in all four seasons.

Mascouche, Quebec has a diversified and post-industrial economy with a moderate growth potential. The economy is dominated by the service and  manufacturing industries. Quebec’s economy, if it were a country, would be ranked 33rd in the world, just behind Norway. Quebec is also the world’s 21st largest economy, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Quebec’s economy accounts for 19.65 percent of Canada’s overall GDP.

Job options near the city

1. Sales Consultant

Many occupations require you to spend the majority of your time in front of a machine. Why not do anything where you work outside and have a commanding presence (pun intended) over everything? As a result, Sales Consultants are in charge of developing, preparing, and executing the company’s sales strategies. They are usually not employees of the organisation, but rather serve as outside consultants.

2 Welder

Working with your hands can be extremely satisfying, particularly when you can see the results of your efforts. Welders are in high demand, and while it would be difficult work, doing something so valuable every day would be very rewarding.

Welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers all wear safety goggles and protective clothing. Welders and cutters may operate outside, in inclement weather, or indoors, in a confined space designed to keep sparks and glare at bay.

3. Social Worker

Individuals and families turn to social workers for advice, guidance, and services to help them overcome their problems. Social workers work with various groups of people, such as infants, the elderly, and families in distress, to assist them in resolving their issues.

4. Health Care Manager

The health-care industry is expected to expand dramatically as the population ages. You’ll be in charge of service delivery in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other settings in this role. Supervising other staff, hiring new recruits, preparing and reviewing service delivery, and setting budgets are all responsibilities of health care administrators.

5. Elevator Mechanic

This role ensures that the world’s elevators and escalators are in good working order. Installing devices, troubleshooting issues, and performing preventative maintenance are all possible responsibilities. A high school diploma would almost certainly be needed. After that, you’ll have to complete a four- to five-year apprenticeship programme. A trade certification is also required in Quebec and Alberta. 

6. Community Service Manager

Job titles including city medical officer of health, social services chief, and development director fall into this category. These government employees are in charge of enforcing policies that keep communities safe and flourishing. Guidance to researchers, budgeting, and project coordination are all possible tasks.

7. Medical Supervisor

Medical supervisors can be found in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and psychiatric services, among other places where nurses work. Supervising nurses, coordinating care with other health professionals, and overseeing budgets are all part of this job. They also attend board meetings and organise interdepartmental functions to ensure that the regulatory bodies, medical staff, and department heads are all in the loop.

8. Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor

Staff in this role supervise workers who are drilling for oil and gas. Scheduling, problem solving, and hiring decisions are all possible responsibilities. A high school diploma is required, as well as some training courses. You won’t be eligible to become a boss right away; you’ll need to work in the industry for many years first.

9.  Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are healthcare professionals who have received training in patient evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. It’s a work that necessitates in-depth medical expertise, and it’s one that’s in high demand across most of Canada. Given the expertise needed and the current shortage of nurse practitioners, it’s no wonder that it’s currently one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada 

10. Mining Supervisor

Natural resource mining is big business in Canada, which is why this is one of the best-paying jobs there is. Mining supervisors are experts who oversee the extraction process, whether it’s for coal, minerals, or ore. They may be required to operate complex heavy machinery and perform administrative tasks in addition to being responsible for the safety of employees.