Mont-Joli Jobs Near Me

Mont-Joli is a city in the Bas-Saint-Laurent province of Quebec, Canada, located in the La Mitis Regional County Municipality. It is the seat of the county government. The city is located east of Rimouski, on the Saint Lawrence River’s south shore.

The railway link to the rest of the world was a key condition for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joining the Canadian Confederation in 1867. The Intercolonial Railway began construction in 1868, and the authorities agreed to make it transform at Saint-Octave-de-Métis in Gaspésie. The train station and repair stores, however, were not ideal for this village due to its rugged landscape.

The train station was renamed Sainte-Flavie-Station after the higher second farming rank of Sainte-Flavie. Sainte-Flavie-Station was separated from the rest of the town in 1880 and given the name Mont-Joli, which was the name given to the area by the first settlers.

1. Surgeon

A surgeon is a physician who specialises in surgery. They operate on patients that are afflicted with disabilities, accidents, or deformities. In the operating area, the surgeon has an entire team helping him; the team takes care of the planning and monitoring activities so that the surgeon can concentrate on operating.

2. Electromechanic

Electrical and mechanical engineers collaborate closely with electro-mechanical technicians. They work in a variety of industries, including energy, plastics, computer and communications equipment production, and aerospace. They work in a variety of industries, including plastics, energy, computer, and communications equipment manufacturing, and aerospace, alongside mechanical and electrical engineers. To ensure the requirements are met, these techs use precision measuring instruments to check the measurements of components.

3. Social worker

Government agencies, correctional facilities, family courts, social housing groups, schools, community health centres, advocacy organisations, mental health services, hospitals, nursing homes, social service agencies, family service agencies, child welfare environments, the military, and private therapy are all places where social workers can work.

4. Service technician

A service technician is a general term that refers to professional employees in a variety of fields. Service Technicians deal with cars, computers, and appliances, among other things. Service Technicians perform the same role regardless of their field of expertise: they provide services and repairs. Field Service Technicians are service technicians who visit a client’s home or company to perform maintenance.

5. Welder

Welders are in charge of the machines that construct and repair metal structures, tools, and equipment. Automotive, building, and manufacturing are only a few of the sectors where these skilled professionals work. Planning plans and measurements, as well as measuring welded surfaces, are among the other responsibilities.

6. Production operator

Companies that produce goods depend on their machinery to function correctly in order to meet production deadlines. Since they track equipment and performance, production operators are essential to this phase. The majority of their time is spent on the factory floor, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. The atmosphere can be very noisy, as one would imagine.

7.  Executive assistant

An executive assistant’s responsibilities include answering phones, monitoring visitors, making travel arrangements, writing reports, filing and organising documents, documenting meeting minutes, and performing basic bookkeeping tasks. Managing the delivery of letters to superiors. Organizing travel and planning precise itineraries.

8. Receptionist

Since receptionists are the first face customers see when they enter a company, they are in high demand. Customer service and technical skills are required for this role. The annual salary is $31,304. Receptionists typically work in places where the public and other staff can see them, such as the front desk of a lobby or a waiting room.

9.  Administrative secretary

Administrative secretaries provide high-level clerical support to a CEO, president, or department manager, performing a wide range of secretarial duties as well as professional positions including report writing, analysis, and data collection. Administrative assistants work in a number of industries in office settings. Many work in law firms and medical departments, as well as government agencies, colleges, hospitals, and private businesses.

10. Financial advisor

Administrators of human resources are also in high demand in Canada. They are in charge of recruiting, training, and hiring new employees, as well as offering strategic guidance to senior executives and acting as a liaison between management and employees. The annual salary is $77,900.