Mont-Laurier Jobs Near Me

Mont-Laurier is located on the banks of the Rivière du Lièvre, a tributary of the Ottawa River, in northwest Quebec, Canada. The town’s motto is Laurus elationis praemium, which translates to “Lift the laurels of reward.” It is known as the “Capital of the Haute-Laurentides.” Lauriermontois is the nickname given to its residents.


The region was originally populated by the Oueskarinis, an Algonquian subtribe. In 1866, European settlers arrived from Sainte-Adèle. Solime Alix founded Rapide-de-l’Orignal in 1885 at the current location of Mont-Laurier, on the Lievre River. In 1909, the name was changed to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian Prime Minister. A road was constructed from Mont-Laurier to Abitibi in 1940. This aided the expansion of the trucking industry.

Mont-Laurier is the trading and management centre of the Haute-Lievre area. The numerous states, schools, and hospitals employ a large number of people. Tourism, road transport, and forestry account for the majority of the country’s economic activity. Agriculture, mostly dairy production, and dairy product manufacturing are also present.

Why visit Mont-Laurier?

For a city of this scale, the large variety of services available sets it apart. Cycling, hiking, canoeing, jet skiing, camping, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and other four-season sports can appeal to you. You can find high-quality area food items when you visit the commercial outlets. The infrastructure in Mont-Laurier allows the city to host prestigious amateur sports tournaments and regional conventions.

When it comes to the town’s climate, Mont-Laurier has a humid continental climate. Its inland location has a big impact on the weather, with big variations between the hot summers and the bitterly cold winters. The amount of precipitation is high all year, resulting in heavy snow cover in the winter.

Job Options near the town

1. Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator’s responsibilities include assisting with regular office tasks, tracking phone calls, and scheduling internal meetings. To be effective in this role, you must have excellent organisational skills, as well as the ability to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines.

2.  Accountant

Accountants continue to be among the most in-demand occupations. The number of accountants who can assist a business in succeeding and shining during tax season. The annual salary is $57,500. When compared to the regular job, working as an accountant necessitates a higher degree of intelligence. This means that accountants must be willing to constantly learn new knowledge about their field and solve difficult problems.

3.  Web Developer

Web developers are tech experts who create anything from computer programmes to mobile apps. Web developers have a quick route to a work permit thanks to Canada’s Global Talent Stream, which clears approvals in two weeks. $62,522 is the average salary.

4.  Sales associate 

Sales associates and sales managers are critical in both selling to customers and selling to other businesses. Sales Associates are responsible for selling goods, services, and products to customers. It is their responsibility to generate new sales leads and convert them into paying customers. The annual salary is $50,255.

5. Hardware Store Clerk

The primary responsibilities of the hardware store clerk include helping with all deliveries and transfers into and out of the store, as well as sales duties on the sales floor. It is desired, but not required, that you have worked in a retail or stocking setting. Hardware knowledge is advantageous.

6. Translator

Translators usually translate written texts from one language to another, while interpreters translate spoken communications. In Carignan, bilingual or multilingual candidates can find well-paying work, with many positions requiring translation of both written and oral communications. The average annual salary for translators and interpreters is C$54,400.

7. Writer

Do you enjoy writing and putting pen to paper? Do you have a natural talent for writing? This job is ideal for you if you answered “ yes ”.Writers and editors are responsible for the content we read in newspapers, books, magazines, and on the internet, as well as what we hear when we watch a film, television show, radio programme, podcast, or commercial. Material for print and online distribution is reviewed and chosen by editors.

8. Hardware Advisor

Hardware Advisors are in charge of the hardware design of a device. They optimise a machine’s components, configuration, and design in order to maximise performance. They are designed to increase the speed and functionality of the machine. You must have outstanding customer service skills, be able to multitask efficiently, and be meticulous to succeed as a hardware advisor.

9. Counselling Psychologist

Counseling psychologists used psychological and psychotherapeutic theory and research. Individuals, neighborhoods, and families all profit from their attempts to reduce psychological distress and promote happiness. Counseling psychologists examine a person’s existence in order to identify underlying issues.