Mont-Tremblant Jobs Near Me

Mont-Tremblant is a city in Quebec, Canada, located in the Laurentian Mountains. The current municipality, which has city status, was founded in the year 2000. Mont-Tremblant is best known for its ski resort, the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, which is located seven kilometres outside of the village proper at the foot of Mont Tremblant. 

Mont-Tremblant is popular for its hiking, beautiful fall foliage, and outdoor summer events, but it still has a lot to offer full-time residents. The city promotes the city’s extremely rich biodiversity and natural scenery to visitors, but for locals, this translates to a lifestyle centred on the great outdoors.


Times are changing, and an increasing number of young professionals are flocking to the area because they understand the benefits of clean air and mountain living, as well as the opportunity to advance their careers in the hospitality industry. Entrepreneurs are also highly motivated and inventive when it comes to running a small company.

Teleworking makes the area appealing to web developers, programmers, software and video game designers who can live in the area and work from home, and I believe Mont-Tremblant has the potential to become a technology start-up hub in the future.

1. Mont-Tremblant is a major international city that is concerned about its citizens’ quality of life and whose aim is to provide reliable, productive, and diverse services to ensure fulfilment and a sense of belonging.

2. It strives for balance and harmony in all of its areas of influence and commitment.

3. It strives to continually enhance the Mont-Tremblant experience while still encouraging a safe, active lifestyle.

4. It promotes and protects the country’s natural, cultural, and built heritage.

5. It makes decisions and takes measures based on sustainable development principles to ensure a healthy, diverse regional economy.

C$17.05. is the average wage in Mont-Tremblant, Québec. The standard of living in Mont-Tremblant, Québec, is 100 percent over the national median.

1.  Psychologist

A psychologist’s typical day could involve gathering data (via surveys, interviews, and other methods), performing analyses of clients’ brain function and behaviour, investigating, identifying behavioural and emotional trends in clients, diagnosing disorders, developing treatment strategies, making referrals, and writing. The salary at the start of a career is $49,920. It can rise to $71,760 in mid-career. The annual pay is $93,600 a year.

2. Technologist

What exactly is a technologist? A technologist is a Technology Specialist in the broadest sense. That is, someone who focuses on technology. The technologist is an expert in how to use technology to achieve the project owner’s objectives. The salary at the start of a career is $60,000. It can hit $70,000 by mid-career. The highest possible salary is $80,000.

3. Engineer

Engineers are professionals who develop, design, study, construct, and test devices, complex systems, structures, gadgets, and materials in order to meet functional goals and specifications while taking into account practicality, regulation, protection, and cost constraints. The salary at the start of a career is $60,000. It can hit $70,000 by mid-career. The highest possible salary is $80,000.

4. Front Desk Clerk

A Front Desk Clerk is the company’s, hotel’s, or doctor’s office’s first point of contact with customers. They handle important front-desk administrative tasks such as answering phones, welcoming visitors, and keeping track of the office budget. Often classified as a receptionist at the front desk.

Your main aim is to provide excellent customer service and assistance to our clients. The good candidate will be presentable and polite, with exceptional people skills, as the company’s “face.”

5. Customer service attendant

Customers are helped by customer service representatives who provide useful information, answer questions, and respond to complaints. They serve as the first point of contact for clients and consumers, ensuring that they are happy with the goods, facilities, and functionality.

6. Business Development Officer

Companies hire Business Development Officers to formulate and implement plans to boost revenue and profits. They find lucrative business prospects, negotiate solid business deals, and supervise business development associates.

To be effective as a Business Development Officer, you must be skilled at negotiating business deals and capable of making sound business decisions. Finally, an outstanding Business Development Officer should possess good business acumen as well as superior management, communication, and analytical abilities.