Notre-Dame-des-Prairies Jobs Near Me

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies is a municipality in the Joliette Regional County Municipality in the Lanaudière province of Quebec, Canada. It is a Joliette suburb situated along the L’Assomption River’s eastern shores.


The Parish of Notre-Dame-des-Prairies was established in 1950. The name refers to the landscape’s prairies or plainsThe municipality’s name was changed to Notre-Dame-des-Prairies in 2005, and its laws were changed as well., which are characteristic of the Saint-Lawrence Lowlands. The municipality was created in 1957 when the Parish Municipality of Saint-Charles-Borromée was split up. In 2005, the municipality changed its name to Notre-Dame-des-Prairies and changed its statutes.

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies has a population of over 9,800 people and is located in the MRC de Joliette and the Lanaudière area. Notre-Dame-des-Prairies is known for the tranquilly of its residential areas and the dynamism of its commercial and industrial areas, and it has an ever-changing growth potential.

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies can boast of providing the ideal combination of a municipality’s quality of life on a human scale with the full spectrum of facilities, thanks to a diverse range of community and leisure infrastructure. a large city Those who want to live there can find a variety of attractions to fit their needs, as well as numerous municipal facilities that provide people with access to a variety of activities at their fingertips.

The variety of programmes includes a diverse and adaptable curriculum that allows people to move (e.g., zumba, yoga, tai chi, active walking, etc.) as well as learn new skills (computer lessons, English, photo, etc.). The City of Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, which is known for its volunteerism, funds a number of groups that provide programmes and events to seniors.


In the heart of Lanaudière, in the MRC de Joliette, Notre-Dame-des-Prairies is a perfect place to welcome any new commercial or industrial businesses. The city has spaces that it maintains and that are part of the city’s industrial park. Private investors have joined in, and we are all working together to ensure the sector’s smooth growth.

Notre-Dame-des-Prairies’ commercial and industrial sector provides all of the infrastructure and public services necessary for the rapid implementation of numerous commercial and industrial projects. There is also natural gas there. An industrial area of over 2,700,000 square feet is available to serve large-scale businesses.

Good-Paying Jobs near Notre-Dame-des-Prairies

1. Product specialist

Product specialists monitor all aspects of a product’s lifecycle, including long- and short-term development, as well as marketing. Works with a number of team members, including developers and advertisers, to gain a thorough understanding of products in relation to competitors on the market.

2. Inside Sales Analyst

A sales analyst’s job is to boost a company’s revenue and sales. Competitive research, forecasting, and feedback about how the sales, marketing, and other departments can proceed are used to achieve this. A sales analyst will also collaborate with the marketing team to create effective tactics, as well as the supply chain team to ensure that production and inventory run smoothly.

3.  Registered Nurse

Have you ever considered assisting someone? This work opportunity could be just what you’ve been looking for. The registered nurse’s duties include monitoring a patient’s condition and evaluating their needs in order to offer the best care and advice possible. Observing, interpreting, and explaining to physicians patients’ symptoms.

4. Customer Executive

You’ll greet customers, assist them in locating products, learn what they’re looking for in a service, and potentially resolve a complaint as a customer service agent. To work as a customer service associate, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as a friendly, outgoing personality.

5. Quality Technician 

Quality Technicians, also known as Quality Control Technicians, are entry-level employees who perform quality control checks on company products to ensure that they meet safety and quality standards. Most Quality Technicians receive on-the-job training, but they must have a keen eye for detail and the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time.

6. Financial advisor

Human resource administrators are also in high demand in Canada. They are in charge of hiring, training, and onboarding new hires, as well as providing strategic advice to senior executives and serving as a liaison between management and employees. The salary is $77,900 a year.

7. Social Media Coordinator

A social media coordinator is in charge of developing social content for a variety of audiences, as well as marketing campaigns and long-term engagement goals. You’ll also be in charge of leading and shaping a data-driven performance marketing strategy that optimises audience and targeting capabilities to maximise revenue.