Paspébiac Jobs Near Me

Paspébiac is a city in eastern Quebec, Canada, located on the Baie des Chaleurs.  As per the Census of Canada (2011), the population was 3,198. Paspébiac was the first cod fishing port in Quebec. In addition, the town has Basque origins and a distinct accent from the rest of the country. Its name may be derived from the Mi’kmaq phrase papgeg ipsigiag, which means “broken flats” or “lagoon.” According to other accounts, the Mi’kmaq called it after the Mi’kmaq word Wospegiak, which means “shining in the distance.”


Pierre Haimard (1674–1724) was granted the area as a seigneury in 1707, marking the start of the settlement of Gaspésie’s southern shores. However, until 1755, when settlers arrived from Acadia, Normandy, the Pays Basque, and, after the British conquest of Quebec, Jersey, it was only visited during the fishing season.

The Robin and Le Boutillier Brothers companies were established on the Site Historique National de Paspébiac. Paspébiac was one of the world’s main export ports for dried cod in the nineteenth century! The Le Boutillier warehouse, one of the largest fishing structures ever constructed in North America, is sure to impress.

The crown jewel of this unique historic site, which has been recognised by the governments of Québec and Canada, is a five-story wooden building. Since 1766, Paspébiac has been at the core of Gaspésie’s commercial fishing culture, a tradition that continues to this day.

Paspébiac has long been one of the most important foreign fishing ports, with one of the largest cod exporters in the West. Unipêche MDM inc., Quebec’s largest crab and lobster processor, continues this coastal tradition today. 

Paspébiac has an industrial park, the only commercial seaport in Baie-des-Chaleurs, and is one of the Gaspé’s commercial hubs, with major national banners and a support network in the educational, cultural, leisure, and health sectors (comprehensive, primary school, cultural centre and sports complex).

The city of Paspébiac wants to strengthen its commercial pole, expand its tourist axis from the historic site to the cultural centre, improve its industrial park and commercial zones, and encourage job development in creative sectors.

Paspébiac, a seaport on the Baie-des-Chaleurs, halfway between Percé and Pointe-à-la-Croix (New Brunswick’s western entrance), benefits from its excellent geographical position to ensure its economic growth. 

Job Opportunities to grab in Paspébiac

1. Optometric Assistant

An optometric assistant assists the optometrist by performing health, managerial, and customer service tasks. The Optometric Assistant, also known as an Optometrist Assistant, is in charge of making appointments, answering phones, and helping the Optometrist with visual acuity checks.

2. Design editor

For web and print-based publishing firms, design editors set out advertisements and text. They build designs by hand or with computer software in order to communicate a message to all who will see their work. Logos, graphics, and product packaging are often assigned to them.

3. Social Animator

Animators produce moving images that tell stories or provide facts using computers and other techniques. They collaborate with clients and members of the production team to define project objectives, develop storyboards, and design and refine animations. You must be adaptable, imaginative, and sensitive to direction in order to be a good Animator. Strong communication, interpersonal, and computer skills are needed.

4. Surgical Assistant

Surgical assistants help patients get ready for surgery. Surgical assistants use electronic devices to monitor patients’ vital signs to ensure that they are normal. They also perform minor surgical procedures such as wound closure, suture cutting, tube insertion, and needle administration.

5. Communications Specialist 

Communications specialists assist businesses by managing all of a company’s internal and external correspondence, as well as representing the company to the public. They write statements for the media, respond to media inquiries, collect publications, and organise events and press conferences.

Communications Specialists must be creative, coordinated, and self-motivated, with a strong desire to communicate strategic messages to key internal and external stakeholders.

6. Field Attendant

In order to provide services to drive-in theatre patrons, a field attendant performs some combination of the following tasks. He also welcomes theatregoers, collects entrance fees, orders tickets for patrons from Ticket Seller clerical, and parks or guides patrons to open parking spaces using a flashlight.