Plessisville Jobs Near Me

Plessisville is the administrative centre of the L’Érable Regional County Municipality in Quebec, Canada. It is crossed by Routes 116 and 165. Montreal is 185 kilometres away, and Quebec City is 95 kilometres away. The city of Plessisville is known as the “World’s Maple Capital,” as it has hosted an annual Maple festival since 1958 and is home to the Institut québécois de l’érable (Quebec Maple Institute).

Maple syrup and other maple products are a major industry in the area, and the name of the regional county municipality reflects this. Jean-Baptiste Lafond became the city’s first permanent resident in 1835. Plessisville, formerly known as Somerset, was renamed in 1855 to honour Monseigneur Octave Plessis, the bishop of Quebec at the time.


Joseph-Octave Plessis, the eleventh bishop of Québec City, is honoured in Plessisville. Plessisville was the first town established in the Bois-Francs region. It had a rich, fertile soil that was suitable for agriculture. The growth of Plessisville is attributed to its high quality of life and the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Lac William, 25 kilometres away, offers boating, fishing, and water sports.

Agriculture continues to be a vital part of the economy, creating jobs and capital investment. Plessisville is home to more than 65 industries, all of which benefit from the city’s position. Plessisville is conveniently situated near Highway 20 between Québec City and Montréal, making transportation a breeze. Plessisville is known as the maple syrup capital of the nation. The field is home to the Québec Maple Sugar Producers’ Cooperative. The Maple Festival takes place every year in April.

Quality of living

Plessisville provides an unrivalled dynamic and family-friendly quality of life. This green city is the ideal location for an active and enjoyable lifestyle. Plessisville is the ideal blend of city life and rural tranquillity. With a 4 km2 area, it’s very easy to walk around and discover the city’s history, shopping centres, and restaurants, particularly during the warmer months.

Employment Opportunities near Plessisville

1. Travel Advisor 

They are in charge of advising clients on appropriate travel choices based on their needs, desires, and capabilities. They also assist them in planning trips to domestic and foreign destinations, tours, lodging, transportation, insurance, and fares. This work choice may be ideal for those who enjoy travelling.

2. Academic advisor

In secondary and post-secondary education, an academic counsellor works with students. The advisor’s job entails keeping meticulous records of a student’s academic progress and meeting with them on a regular basis to provide input and advice on how to complete a degree programme successfully.

3. Community development officer

A community development officer is a person who works closely with communities in the area to facilitate community-led development, such as the development and prioritisation of community development plans for local change. He also collaborates with CO members to develop social, economic, and environmental growth strategies in regional communities.

4. Plant Maintenance Technician

Plant maintenance technicians work on plant equipment, machinery, and associated facilities to conduct preventive maintenance. Department policies and procedures are interpreted, explained, and enforced. They also diagnose, troubleshoot, upgrade, and fix malfunctioning equipment while operating a variety of maintenance equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

5. Shipping Manager

Packaging, verifying material for delivery, receiving shipments, ordering materials, and guiding and managing workers are all responsibilities of shipping managers. Their main aim is to ensure that shipment and delivery is done in a timely, reliable, and safe manner.

6. Saw operator

Saw operators are in charge of setting up and running power saws to slot, cut, and trim metals and non-metals. They use hand tools to select and mount blades on equipment, as well as measuring instruments to check finished material measurements.

7.  Operations Specialist 

Operations specialists ensure that a company’s everyday operations run smoothly and efficiently. The roles of an Operations Specialist differ depending on the industry, but they typically involve supervising workers in their everyday tasks, optimising processes and procedures for optimum productivity, and ensuring that deliverables are met.

You must be committed to enhancing customer experiences and capable of ensuring operational performance to be effective as an Operations Specialist. Lastly, a good operations specialist must have brilliant organizational, public-management, and problem-solving skills.