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Pointe-Claire is a municipality in Quebec, Canada, located on the island of Montreal. It is completely developed, with residential, light manufacturing, and retail land uses. Pointe-Claire is the complete package, with stunning waterfront views, charming local stores, and a thriving manufacturing sector. This West Island borough is bordered on the west by Beaconsfield and Kirkland, on the north by DDO, on the east by Dorval, and on the south by Lac Saint-Louis.The city is just a 20-minute drive away.

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Pointe-Claire provides a relaxing, suburban lifestyle. Families flock to the many parks, waterfront, and pool in the summer for some outdoor fun. Ice cream eating is a common pastime in the village. Residents of Pointe-Claire enjoy a high quality of life thanks to the city’s manufacturing sector, historical beauty, and numerous local amenities.

The atmosphere in Pointe-Claire is quaint, laid-back, and unmistakably suburban. All outdoor sports can be enjoyed at the several parks, canoe club, and leisure facilities. The Terra-Cotta Natural Park, as well as the waterfront, have several kilometres of trails and bike paths. The neighbourhood is perfect for families seeking a low-key, peaceful lifestyle.

There are several housing options in Pointe-Claire. You’ll find everything from brand new condos to historic and opulent waterfront homes. The average home price in Montreal is higher than the national average, but it is still less expensive than some of its neighbouring boroughs. The local shopping and dining scene is laid-back, but there are a few trendier choices.

Pointe-Claire has an average cost of living of $1400, placing it in the top 31% of the world’s most expensive cities. It is ranked 2818th out of 9294 in our global ranking, 57th out of 153 in Canada, and 5th out of 60 in Quebec State.

The median after-tax income is $2223, which is enough to pay for 1.6 months’ worth of living expenses. In the list of best places to live in the world, it is ranked 2689th (TOP 29 percent), and it is the 80th best city to live in Canada, as well as the 22nd most liveable city in Quebec State. Pointe-Claire is the 110th largest city in Canada, with a population of 33.4k.


When it comes to facilities and amenities, Pointe-Claire is very self-sufficient. The neighbourhood has all of the advantages of a suburban lifestyle, plus it has its own shopping and business district, as well as waterfront views.

A broad business and industrial park stretches both sides of Quebec Autoroute 40 in the area. The industrial sector employs 7,005 people in Pointe-Claire, accounting for 23.7 percent of the workforce. Manufacturing employment has been decreasing, while employment in healthcare and social services has been increasing. With 17.7% of the total, retail is the second largest industry. The average annual wage for workers in Pointe Claire, Québec is $66,349 (CAD), or $32 per hour (CAD).

Employment Options near Pointe-Claire

1. Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistants assist marketing managers and executives with tasks such as designing promotional plans, marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and analysing marketing data. You must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a similar field to be considered for this position.

2. Human Resource Officer 

HR officers are in charge of certain aspects of an organization’s personnel functions. They handle things like recruiting, office management, interviews, hiring, firing, benefits, enforcement policy, salary discussions, organisational training, team building, and employee relations, among other things.

3. Food Service Assistant 

As a Food Service Assistant, your responsibilities will include assisting in the preparation and serving of all meals and drinks to customers, as well as providing excellent customer service at all times. Assisting with waste disposal and dishwashing and ensuring that the kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy.

4. Project Manager 

Project managers are in charge of preparing and managing projects in order to ensure that they are finished on schedule and on budget. Project managers organise and allocate project resources, create budgets, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders updated throughout the process. All of this takes place within the framework of a company’s priorities and vision. Project managers are needed for a wide range of projects, including building, information technology, human resources, and marketing.

5. Teacher 

Do you like giving lectures? Is it true that passing on information makes you happy? Then teaching is the ideal profession for you. A teacher’s responsibilities include developing lesson plans and instructing students of all ages. They are in charge of assigning assignments, grading tests, and keeping track of their students’ progress. Teachers must be able to teach a variety of topics while still keeping students engaged with engaging lesson plans.