Prévost Jobs Near Me

Prévost is a town in the Laurentian Mountains, north of Montreal, in the La Rivière-du-Nord Regional County Municipality of Quebec, Canada, and the Laurentides administrative district. The former villages of Shawbridge and Lesage, as well as old Prévost on the other side of the Rivière du Nord, were merged in 1973. William Shaw (1805-1894), who settled in Abercromby in 1847 and designed the first bridge over the Rivière du Nord, was the inspiration for Shawbridge.

Shawbridge was the previous name for Prévost until 1973. The Canadian Pacific Railway used to run freight and passenger services via Shawbridge. The Prévost railway station has been transformed into a community centre and a cycling and hiking path stop on the Parc Linéaire Le P’tit Train du Nord. The Shaw bridge, built in 1923 to replace William Shaw’s wooden bridge over the Rivière du Nord, used to link Shawbridge and old Prévost.


With its spread of mountains, hills, lakes, river, cultural and sport events, and a family policy that allows young families with children to receive a refund reflecting significant savings, Prevost city is truly a gateway providing access to the Laurentians. You may build a home in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain. In a nutshell, it’s a no-compromise lifestyle that combines city and natural living. Taxes are significantly lower than in the suburbs of major cities.

1.  Computer Analyst

Computer analysts, also known as Computer Systems Analysts or Systems Designers, are in charge of implementing computer system upgrades, writing and publishing technical reports and requirements, configuring hardware and software, educating end-users, and ensuring that businesses use technology effectively. At the start of a career, the starting salary is $70,000. By mid-career, it might be worth $75,000. The highest salary that can be earned is $80,000.

2. Business Development Officer

Companies employ Business Development Officers to develop and execute sales and profit-boosting strategies. They identify profitable business opportunities, negotiate solid business deals, and manage business development associates.

You must be experienced at negotiating business deals and capable of making sound business decisions to be successful as a Business Development Officer.

3.  Front Desk Clerk

The first point of contact with customers for a business, hotel, or doctor’s office is a Front Desk Clerk. They are in charge of important front-desk administrative duties like answering phones, greeting guests, and maintaining the office budget. Frequently referred to as a front-desk receptionist.

4. Trade Representative

Rather than selling directly to consumers, a trade representative showcases and sells a product or service to businesses, organisations, and government agencies. Manufacturers and wholesalers value sales representatives because they are the ones who market and sell their goods. At the start of a career, the starting salary is $35,000. In mid-career, it can reach $109,200. The highest salary available is $145,600.

5. Automation Developer

You’ll make certain that our product and deliverables are of the highest quality. The most challenging part will be finding out how the software’s different components interact and work. You’ll help us recognise and prioritise quality issues, as well as write automated test cases.

6.  Digital Marketing Advisor

A digital marketing consultant examines the most recent marketing strategy and comes up with new ways for businesses to communicate with current customers and attract new ones. By recommending or introducing improvements, you will improve SEO, social media, email marketing, and website design. Experts in digital marketing offer a range of services depending on the needs. Any person would be solely responsible for such marketing strategies.

7. Senior Front End Developer

For all of the company’s websites and applications, the Senior Frontend Developer produces the user interface and designs the user environment. Patterns and abstractions that emphasise site/software quality are often created by the Senior Frontend Developer. They are usually supported by back-end web developers, who are in charge of server-side application logic and incorporating the work performed by front-end developers.

8. Environmental Consultant

What Do Environmental Consultants Do? Prepare paperwork and reports. Assist in determining whether or not state and federal regulations are being adhered to. Analyze samples and data to develop models and forecasts. The starting wage for a new job is $72,800. In mid-career, it can reach $72,800. The highest salary possible is $72,800.