Princeville Jobs Near Me

Princeville is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec, situated in the Centre-du-Québec district of L’Érable Regional County Municipality. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 5,693. The town of Princeville is part of the MRC de L’Érable (Regional county municipality of L’Érable) and is located in the Centre-du-Québec (Center of Québec) area. Princeville, once thought to be an industrial area, underwent a significant transformation in the early 2000s. The area, which is now focused on family, has grown rapidly over the years.

Since 2013, the town has seen an increase in population every year. Princeville has a population of 6 356 people and is expected to continue to grow. The population limit of 6,500 people will be reached by 2026, according to estimates from the Institut de la statistique du Québec (Québec statistics institute).


Édouard Leclerc founded the county of Stanfold (Princeville) on July 9, 1807, when he settled on lot 6, ring 12 in Princeville. On the east section of the 12th rang, a monument was erected in his honour. In 1856, Stanfold founded a new division, which became the village of Princeville. As a result, two municipalities will now coexist. The municipalities of the city of Princeville and the parish of Princeville merged on February 23, 2000 to create the new city of Princeville.

Every year, a large number of families chose to live in Princeville. Purchasing a home on a low-cost residential lot is easy. Furthermore, the town meets the needs of families with the many facilities available on its grounds. Princeville stands out for the number of sports infrastructures open to its residents, including five community parks, for a town of its size.

Summer in Princeville isn’t all about good weather! The town hosts two major tourist events in the summer, attracting approximately 60 000 tourists. The town also contributes to the enhancement of its residents’ living atmosphere.

Dynamic Job Market in Princeville

Princeville’s proximity to Interstate 20 provides businesses and industries with a central geographic location that facilitates freight shipping. There are two industrial parks in the city. In Princeville, the manufacturing sector is still expanding and providing significant benefits.

For towns with populations of less than 10,000 people in Québec, the town leads in manufacturing. The industrial sector employs one-third of Princeville’s active population. Many positions are currently available in Princeville businesses. People have the ability to function in a diverse world while still living in a family-friendly environment. Every year, several families make the decision to settle in Princeville!

Job Options

1. Cut Off Saw Operator

Set-up, installation, and maintenance of wood sawing machines are the responsibility of cut off saw operators. Controlling and modifying sewing machines such as band saws, circular saws, and rip saws to cut or trim wood according to set requirements is part of their job description.

2. Production Director

Production directors work with production workers to ensure that the operation’s workflow, quality, and timeliness are all met. They also monitor production activities and make necessary schedule adjustments to ensure that all deliverables are completed on time, come up with new process improvement concepts, and increase production speed while maintaining product quality.

3.  Machinist

A machinist uses computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools to cut and manufacture precision parts for devices, instruments, and tools, such as lathes and milling machines. Machinists use both manual and automated machines to fix or manufacture parts with precise measurements. A machinist’s main goal is to ensure that manufacturing processes run smoothly and that procedures are optimised. A machinist is a worker who works in a factory.

4. Shipping Officer

Receiving, tracking, and sending orders to clients, as well as ensuring that goods arrive on time and to the correct individual, are the responsibilities of shipping professionals. They also check barcodes with radio frequency recognition to keep track of all inventory in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. Other duties could include calculating freight costs, creating invoices, and checking product shipping.

5. Production Supervisor

Production managers are most often located in industrial and manufacturing plants, where they are in charge of overseeing a particular division or overseeing the entire plant’s operations. Maintaining a positive flow of supplies and materials, as well as ensuring that all equipment is working and meets safety requirements, are among the responsibilities. Depending on the industry and organisation, a production supervisor can advance to a managerial or executive position.