Richelieu Jobs Near Me

Richelieu is a city in Quebec, Canada, that is part of the Rouville Regional County Municipality. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 5,467. It gets its name from the Richelieu River that runs through it.


In Quebec, Canada, the Richelieu River is a big right tributary of the St. Lawrence River. It begins at Lake Champlain and flows north through Quebec before emptying into the St. Lawrence River. The French named it the Iroquois River and the Chambly River before naming it after Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIII’s influential minister.

This river served as a major waterway for trading, first by indigenous peoples and then by cross-border trade between Canada and the United States for many years. The Champlain Canal (1823) to the south of Lake Champlain and the Chambly Canal (1843) to the north offered a direct path from the Saint Lawrence River to New York via Lake Champlain, the canals, and the Hudson River in the nineteenth century.

1. Recreation Director

A Recreation Director is in charge of public and private parks, athletic fields, community centres, and other organisations’ recreational programmes. They schedule, coordinate, and guide the events, programmes, and services related to sports and fitness. This includes overseeing coaches and other people involved in the events, as well as focusing on marketing and finances for the programmes.

2. Technical Support Analyst 

Technical support analysts are in charge of providing primary technical support to customers and end-users of the organisation. They are responsible for responding to service tickets and assisting with all technological problems, such as software installations, hardware malfunctions, and network outages.

To excel as a technical support analyst, you’ll need in-depth knowledge of hardware and software systems, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to solve complex IT problems.Finally, a top-notch technical support analyst would be able to quickly locate and resolve technical problems both on-site and remotely.

3. Sales Intern 

Market research, finding business opportunities, managing email campaigns, generating sales leads, making cold calls, attending meetings, and assisting the Sales department as required are all duties assigned by the Sales Interns.

4. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers represent their clients in a variety of matters, such as gaining citizenship, protecting against deportation, obtaining foreign or resident visas, and so on. It necessitates excellent communication skills as well as a comprehensive knowledge of different immigration policies.

5. Wedding planner

A wedding planner is a specialist who helps a client with the design, preparation, and execution of their wedding. Weddings are important occasions in people’s lives, and as a result, many couples are willing to spend a large amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well-planned. So, if you enjoy planning weddings or other events, the role of a wedding planner is ideal for you.

6. Event Assistant 

An Event Assistant assists an Event Planner by reducing the workload of the Event Planner. In essence, the role of Event Assistant serves as a stepping stone to the position of Event Planner. Tasks can vary from routine office work to important client meetings. The Event Assistant’s level of responsibility is determined by how much their Event Planner trusts them.

7.  Production Assistant

A production assistant is a member of the production team who works under the direction of the production manager. General administrative and clerical duties can be required by team members in order to complete projects quickly and efficiently. After completing additional education in a related field, a production assistant can advance to a managerial role, depending on the organisation.

8. Application Developer

An application developer is an important member of the technical and/or project management teams who ensure that user needs are met through software deployment and updates. Working with a team to deploy releases to internal or external clients could be the responsibility of the application developer.

9. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers are in charge of developing, implementing, overseeing, and tracking the company’s social media strategy in order to raise brand awareness, maximise marketing strategies, and boost sales. You will be responsible for designing and executing our Social Media strategy in order to enhance our online visibility and marketing and sales activities as a Social Media Manager.