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Rivière-Rouge is a city in Quebec, Canada, that is part of the Antoine-Labelle Regional County Municipality. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 4,645.

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The city was established on December 18, 2002, when the villages of L’Annonciation, La Macaza, Sainte-Véronique, and Canton Marchand merged as part of Quebec’s municipal reorganisation from 2000 to 2006. La Macaza regained its independence on January 1, 2006, following a referendum in 2004, but it remains part of the Rivière-Rouge Urban agglomeration. 911 service, public safety, recycling, and several other city functions that were consolidated into the city are examples of areas that the metropolitan agglomeration is responsible for handling.

L’Annonciation, Marchand, and Sainte-Veronique are now the sectors of the original villages. Despite the fact that the city is called Rivière-Rouge, the majority of people still refer to each town by its historical name. The Rouge River, which flows through the district, is named after it. It flows into the Ottawa River as a tributary. La Vallee de la Rouge was the name of the area for a long time, and the city name was likely chosen for the same reason. Rivière-Rouge was also the name of the now-defunct local Air Cadet Squadron 883.

The Rouge River flows through the Laurentides, through the municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, through the Argenteuil Regional County Municipality, and through the Laurentides administrative district, in western Quebec, Canada. The Ottawa River has a tributary called the Rouge River. Lac de la Fougère, located in the Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve in Québec, is its source.

Are you an explorer? Here are some of the activities that the city offers

The Antoine-Labelle RCM’s gateway, Ville de Rivière-Rouge, is situated in the heart of the Rouge Valley, with vast green wooded areas, numerous lakes and rivers, including the Rouge River. Well, restaurants, stores, and events abound in the L’Annonciation and Marchand fields, including a canoe landing ramp, ornithological, and cross-country ski paths. There is also free parking, picnic areas, and a playground for children. So, it’s safe to say that there are a plethora of enjoyable activities to partake in in the region.

Average Salary Range

In Canada, the average river wage is $47,739 a year, or $24.48 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level jobs start at $31,200 per year, with the most experienced employees earning up to $68,250 per year.

Looking for job opportunities? Here are some of the options for you

1. Food Service Assistant 

As a Food Service Assistant, your responsibilities will include assisting in the preparation and serving of all meals and drinks to customers, as well as providing excellent customer service at all times. Assisting with waste disposal and dishwashing and ensuring that the kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy.

2. Maintenance Assistant 

Maintenance assistants are in charge of keeping the facilities clean and in good working order. Cleaning buildings and rooms, as well as general maintenance and repair of the house, grounds, and equipment, may be among their duties.

3. Health promotion specialist

Specialists in health promotion work in a variety of settings to improve public health. Specific job titles and responsibilities vary depending on the field of employment, but they are often referred to collectively as public health practitioners. Some health promotion professionals specialise in such fields, such as alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, and teen pregnancy.

4. Environment Officer

An environment officer is in charge of environmental issues such as lobbying, public awareness, and event planning, as well as the drafting of environmental policies. In addition, the officer ensures that environmental policies are followed and that any environmental campaigns are effective. An environmental officer’s general responsibilities include assessing, preparing, and implementing environmental issues.

5. Installation Technician

Installation technicians, also known as installation techs, are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and modification of electronic and computer hardware. Installation technicians go to customers’ homes and businesses to instal and repair various forms of electronics with no oversight.

6. Institutional Supervisor

An institutional supervisor plans and supervises activities that help residents with their domestic preparation, social and personal relationships, and personal hygiene. Assists tenants with trouble adjusting to their new surroundings. Takes on housekeeping responsibilities such as washing, meal planning and preparation, and so on.