Saint-Gabriel Jobs Near Me

Saint-Gabriel is a municipality in the D’Autray Regional County Municipality of Quebec, Canada, in the Lanaudière district. It’s nestled in the shadows of the Laurentian Mountains on the shores of Lake Maskinongé.


Loyalists, Irish, and Scottish settlers settled on the shores of Lake Maskinongé around 1825, forming the Lake Maskinongé Settlement by 1827, and later the Mission of Lac-Maskinongé.The name Saint-Gabriel-du-Lac-Maskinongé was first used in 1837, but in 1840 it was changed to Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon. This name is a combination of the angel Gabriel and the geographic township of Brandon, which was founded in 1827.

The parish of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon was founded in 1851, and the post office opened the following year. The parish municipality of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon was created in 1855 [4], and the town of Saint-Gabriel remained a part of it until 1892, when it split off and became the Village Municipality of Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon. Mayor Yvan Comeau changed the city’s status and name to Ville de Saint-Gabriel in 1967.

1. Beauty Advisor 

A beauty expert helps consumers identify items that suit their skin care needs by using their experience of cosmetics and skincare products. A beauty advisor is a company’s and its products’ key agent, as well as a salesperson and a customer server.

2. Grocery Clerk

A grocery clerk’s job is to offer outstanding customer service to the store’s regular customers. Ensure accurate product scanning and execute company-related promotions and services are also part of the job description. You’ll also need to keep track of product displays. This work is also in high demand these days, as every shop needs a dedicated clerk to manage their operations! If you enjoy helping people, you can apply for his role. 

3. Part-time Online Tutor for Children 

Do you enjoy spending time with children? If you answered yes, being an online tutor might be the best choice for you. You can either begin this job with your personal contacts or enter any online programme that offers online tutoring for children. They have training to help you develop your teaching skills, as well as additional compensation for referring other teachers or helping with special projects.

4. Long-haul truck driver

Long-haul truck drivers move products and goods around the world, often covering thousands of miles in the process. This role necessitates the ability to safely operate a big, heavy vehicle over a several-day delivery period. Long-haul truck drivers must have a commercial driver’s licence as well as the endurance to survive a life on the road.

5. Warehouse Handler

A warehouse handler has the freedom to set his or her own schedule while earning a decent wage. In the fast-paced warehouse world, it is essential to remain involved throughout the day. Daily tasks would include scanning, stacking packages on pallets, and preparing customer orders for distribution, all of which would necessitate the use of technology such as scanners, computers, and handheld printers.

6. Contact Center Agent

Customer service or sales representatives who manage phone calls, emails, live chat messages, SMS texts, and help tickets for businesses are known as contact centre agents. They manage a wide range of calls and texts, from basic bill payments and order inquiries to nuanced support queries and grievances.

Every day, a contact centre agent is usually in charge of handling a large number of inquiries. If you’ve ever wondered what these people do all day, coping with our questions when we’re confused, exasperated, or even angry, here’s a glimpse into their world.

7. Cook 

This work will be ideal for those who enjoy cooking. What could be better than getting a buck for your efforts?

Work is straightforward; all you have to do is properly prepare and serve the food. Completing normal temperature checks for refrigerators, freezers, and storerooms is also part of the job. So, if you love food and are a go-getter, this is the job for you.

8. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are in charge of an organization’s ledgers, which are the most important accounting documents. Recording transactions such as profits and outgoings and uploading them to different accounts are part of day-to-day activities. With exposure to many facets of the accounting function, a Bookkeeper job description can emphasise the need for a good sense of time management and organisational skills. It can also be a stepping stone to a more senior or specialised accounting position.