Saint-Lambert Jobs Near Me

Saint-Lambert is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada, on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River, directly across from Montreal. It is part of the Longueuil Urban Agglomeration in the administrative area of Montérégie. According to the 2016 Census of Canada, it was home to 21,861 people. The original city of Saint-Lambert and the Préville neighbourhood are the two major areas of Saint-Lambert.

From the Country Club of Montreal golf course to the boundary of the Le Vieux-Longueuil borough, the original city of Saint-Lambert (as it existed prior to 1969) is located. It includes “The Village,” the city’s downtown area. The former city of Préville, which merged with Saint-Lambert in 1969, is located on the other side of the Country Club of Montreal. It reaches the city limits of Brossard and the Greenfield Park borough of Longueuil. Lambert Closse, an early French Canadian hunter, was given the name Saint-Lambert.


The plurality of Saint-commercial Lambert’s operation occurs on Victoria Avenue, notably in the “Village” portion of the street around Riverside Drive and the CN tracks in the downtown area. The flagship store of Taylor’s department store is located in this area of Victoria. There are 44 businesses selling durable and semi-durable products in this area of Victoria, as well as 22 cafés, bistros, and restaurants and 960 street parking spaces. Around half of the customers in the area arrive by car, while the other half arrive on foot.

Groupe Serdy, the owner of cable television specialty channels Évasion and Zeste, is based in Saint-Lambert. The head office and factory of Roctest, a company that specialises in producing instrumentation for civil engineering projects, are also located in Saint-Lambert. Les Éditions Héritage, a book publisher, and Dare Foods (formerly Lido Biscuit), a cookie factory, are two other prominent Saint-Lambert businesses.

Saint-climate Lambert’s is marked by ample precipitation and one of Quebec’s longest and warmest growing seasons. Long periods of hot, humid weather, as in other parts of Greater Montreal, are typical in the summer. Thunderstorms are common and can often cause extensive damage. Heavy snowfall is common in the winter, and the town has experienced many destructive ice storms in its history.

Cost of Living

Saint-Lambert has an average cost of living of $1388, placing it in the top 32% of the world’s most expensive cities. It is ranked 2897th out of 9294 in our global ranking, 94th out of 153 in Canada, and 35th out of 60 in Quebec State.

The median after-tax income is $2252, which is enough to pay for 1.6 months’ worth of living expenses. Listed as the 2830th best place to live in the world (TOP 31%), the 87th best city to live in Canada, and the 27th most liveable city in Quebec State. Saint-Lambert is the 134th largest city in Canada, with a population of 22.7k. Saint-Lambert is primarily a residential community, with everyday life reflecting a long-standing tradition of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The majority of people choose to live in cities because of their allure, protection, and vibrant community life.


Work Options Near the City

1. Content Editor

Content editors write, edit, and publish content for websites and other printed materials. Content editors are normally full-time employees who work in offices, usually in the content or marketing departments, but some organisations offer the option of working remotely. Content editors must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as computer skills, a keen eye for information, and a passion for writing.

2. Chief Invigilators

In order to ensure that review venues are optimised for test takers, chief invigilators guide the operations of invigilators. Chief invigilators often take action in situations where rules have been broken. The chief invigilator’s job is to supervise invigilators, answer questions about exam policies, and keep track of attendance. Until carting these to drop-off sites, double-check that all test scripts are present.

3. Shipping Clerk

Outgoing deliveries are handled by shipping clerks. They are in charge of seeing deliveries through from beginning to end and tracking their progress along the way. They plan to give customers their products as carefully and efficiently as possible, as they are knowledgeable about proper packaging procedures and shipping best practises. In order to keep inventory numbers up to date, shipping clerks keep records for their employers and watch what they send out.

4. Media Coordinator

Media Coordinators negotiate business and promotional arrangements with a variety of media leaders, as well as assess the effects of a campaign for potential reference. Before joining the industry, most media coordinators have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications.