Saint-Pamphile Jobs Near Me

Saint-Pamphile is a municipality in the Chaudière-Appalaches administrative area of Quebec, located in the L’Islet Regional County Municipality. While the official municipal area stops at the Canada–United States border, which is located at the town’s eastern end, there is a small hamlet known as St-Pamphile, Maine, which is located immediately east of the border.

In terms of history, Frédéric Vaillancourt from the adjacent commune of Saint-Aubert was the town’s first settler in 1859. Many people followed his lead, and Saint-Pamphile became a parish in 1870, despite the surrounding land appearing to be fruitful among a mainly stony environment.

Locals believe the hamlet, which is historically part of a bigger entity in Quebec, to be an important component of the town. The economy of St-Pamphile, Maine is completely reliant on that of St-Pamphile, Quebec, from which Maine people get products and services, as well as jobs. Saint-Pamphile, Quebec serves as the hub for seven adjacent parishes, including a CLSC, elementary school, and high school.

Canada and the United States are joined via the Saint Pamphile Border Crossing. It’s in a logging yard; wood is the region’s major source of revenue. Maibec and Matériaux Blanchet are the two largest enterprises dealing with raw materials.


Seamstress: Seamstresses change, amend, adapt, and build clothes and other products to the demands and needs of clients. They may work for themselves or for businesses such as factories, dry cleaners, department shops, and boutiques.

Industrial Mechanic: Factory equipment and other industrial pieces of machinery, such as conveying systems, manufacturing machinery, and packing equipment, are maintained and repaired by industrial machinery mechanics and machinery maintenance personnel.

Laborers: Sweeping and prepping building sites are among the tasks that laborers are responsible for. Materials and equipment loading and unloading Scaffolding and temporary constructions must be built and taken down. 

Production Operator: Working on a factory floor and maintaining the machine that performs a specific activity at your workplace are your primary responsibilities as a production operator. Working with metal, plastic, or other consumer goods materials is part of your job description.

Sawmill Laborer: Sawmill laborers are in charge of processing raw lumber in most cases. This timber is removed from a wood-sawing machine’s conveyor belt and inspected before being assigned a grade. The timber is then arranged so that it may be delivered to customers or other parts of the firm.

Industrial Electrician: Installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial electrical equipment and related electrical and electronic controls are performed by industrial electricians, often known as electrical repairers or mill electricians.

Financial Services Agent: The primary tasks of a Financial Services Agent are to offer financial services to businesses and people. Recommend life insurance, retirement income, investments, and long-term care insurance, among other services. Develop client and community partnerships. Provide financial solutions for both immediate and long-term objectives.

Store Clerk: A Store Clerk, also known as a Store Associate, assists consumers in the store whether they are browsing inventory or checking out products. They are responsible for greeting clients, addressing product queries, and processing sales using a cash register.

Automation Technician: Automation Technicians install and maintain computer-controlled processes and robotic equipment used in industrial and commercial facilities in order to minimize human interaction and enhance efficiency. Their jobs need an understanding of electronics, mechanics, and computers.

Front Desk Office Agent: A front desk agent’s major responsibilities include welcoming customers at the front desk, answering any inquiries, proposing activities and restaurants to guests, and taking phone calls. Hotel manager and general manager are two professions that a front desk agent might advance to.

Nursing: The Registered Nurse (RN) manages customized patient care by encouraging and healing patients’ health via the nursing process, cooperating with specialists and multidisciplinary team members, and giving physical and psychological support to sick people.