Saint-Pie Jobs Near Me

Saint-Pie, a settlement in southwest Quebec’s Montérégie region. On February 28, 2003, the old parish municipality of Saint-Pie was merged into the City of Saint-Pie. The median age of Saint-Pie, QC is 39 years old.

Saint-Pie, QC currently has a population of 5,607 people. Over the last ten years, from 2006 to 2016, the population of Saint-Pie, QC has grown at a rate of 0.97 percent per year.

With a population of 5,607 people, the majority of Saint-Pie, QC residents make more than the low-income cut-off, which is the amount of money a person must earn to be deemed low-income. Most had an annual income of $63,232, which is more than the national median of 2,016. Black people make up the biggest visible minority group, accounting for 100.0 percent of the overall visible minority population. And, with 75.65% of the population speaking solely French, the bulk of the population is bilingual.

In Saint-Pie, QC, the most common occupation is Engineering and related areas, with 635 people working in this field. Another prominent subject of study is business, management, and public administration, which employs 18.74 percent of the population. With 275 persons replying that this is their line of work, the third category is those who work in health and associated sectors. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is anticipated to be a rapidly expanding field.


Baggers: Baggers play an important part in grocery store customer service. Their primary duty is to put purchased products into bags and deliver them to clients’ automobiles, but they may also answer questions or assist customers in finding items in the store.

Mechanical Drafter: In sectors such as manufacturing, mechanical drafters produce technical drawings of equipment, robots, and other mechanical devices. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is frequently used in this process.

Credit and Collections Technician: Collections experts are in charge of settling past-due debts and collecting payments from the people or companies who owe the money. To preserve their employer’s financial assets, they must track down people accountable for outstanding invoices and negotiate appropriate payment arrangements.

Supervisor of production: The responsibilities of the Production Supervisor include conveying job requirements to manufacturing personnel, planning, monitoring, and assessing job performance, coaching, advising, and punishing employees, and developing, organizing, and enforcing systems, rules, and procedures.

Production operator: Working on an assembly line and maintaining the machine that performs a specific activity at your workstation are your primary tasks as a production operator. Working with metal, plastic, or other consumer goods materials is part of your job description.

Bilingual French Tutor: Students are taught French by French teachers. They can educate pupils on how to speak and write in French in both traditional and digital contexts. Lesson plans are created by French teachers, who also evaluate student progress and give constructive criticism.

Nanny: A nanny’s responsibilities include doing the children’s laundry, keeping the cleanliness of the children’s equipment, toys, and rooms, and, if necessary, preparing the children’s meals. Nannies are also responsible for picking up and dropping off children at schools or nurseries.

Assembler: Assemblers carry out activities that are essential to the manufacturing process. Fabrication, maintenance, and repair of component components and products are all aided by them. In order to satisfy safety and quality criteria, they must also keep their workspaces clean and follow precise instructions.

Guardian: A guardian is in charge of an elder or minor ward’s personal care, as well as providing them with a home and seeing to their medical requirements. Guardians make sure their ward has a place to live, whether it’s at the guardian’s home, with a caregiver, or in an assisted living or full-service facility.

Mechanical Technician: Checking equipment, running systems, and correcting when necessary are among the responsibilities of a mechanical technician. Ascertain that mechanical operations, standards, and controls are of high quality. Resolve issues with the motor, pump, conveyor, and hydraulics.