Saint-Raymond Jobs Near Me

Saint-Raymond, commonly known as Saint-Raymond de Portneuf, is a town situated 63 kilometers northwest of Quebec City in the Canadian state of Quebec In terms of population and size, it is the most populous and biggest city in the Portneuf Regional County Municipality.

The timber industry was essential to Saint-development. Raymond’s Sawmills, wood drying, wood treatment, plywood, and paper industries, as well as the sugar shack where maple syrup is created, continue to play an important part in the economy of the region today. Alexis de Portneuf, a world-renowned cheesemaker, was born in the region.

The lords who held the property, Bernard-Antoine Panet and Peter Langlois, favored the notion of colonizing the Sainte-Anne river valley. Saint-Raymond materializes and prospers with time and commitment. Mentalities and construction processes are directly influenced by groups of professionals, manufacturers, traders, and artisans.


Mechanic: A mechanic is in charge of examining and repairing cars, trucks, and machinery. These specialists, also known as service technicians, supervise maintenance inspections, inventories, mechanical component assembly, and repair work. They generally perform their job in enclosed garages.

House sitter: The house sitter’s duties include collecting and sorting homeowners’ mail, turning on and off house lights on a regular basis, and watching security footage to record and report any unusual behavior occurring near or outside of homeowners’ homes.

Production Clerk: Production Clerks keep track of and manage the flow of work and supplies across departments, as well as review and prepare orders for products and production schedules. Also known as a Schedule Clerk or a Production Recorder. Delivery Clerk and Logistics Clerk are two specializations.

Mechanic Apprentice: Mechanic apprentices assist mechanics in performing car inspections and repairs, as well as providing advice to clients about their automobiles. Repair shops, oil change shops, vehicle parts stores, and dealerships are common places for them to work.

Consumer Panelist: You will offer feedback on items and services for research purposes as a Consumer Panelist. Consumer panels are a good way to get input, test hypotheses, learn about behaviors, and get insights in a controlled way.

Voice Over Artist: Voiceover artists give voices for animated films and television series, narrate documentaries and provide voiceovers for ads on tv and radio. Voiceover artists give voices to cartoon characters in feature films, television shows, animated short films, and video games, among other things.

Personal Grocery Shopper: Your duty as a personal grocery shopper is to shop for and deliver food and other items to consumers. You assist customers with order selection procedures, review orders with customers, handle and bag items securely, document any deviations, keep records and interact with call centers or store assistance.

Tutor: A tutor is someone who helps students learn outside of the classroom, either online through a virtual meeting place or in person. They teach students one-on-one or in small groups, and they offer a wide range of services, including study techniques, note-taking tactics, exam preparation, homework help, and helping kids comprehend new approaches.

Multimedia Artists and Animators develop basic designs, drawings, and images for use on product labels, cartons, direct mail, and television. They use autonomous judgment, imagination, and computer tools to create sophisticated visuals and animation.

Transcriptionist: Transcribers listen to live proceedings, as well as audio and video recordings, to generate written transcripts. They operate in a variety of businesses as freelancers or full-time employees, although those in the legal or medical fields will require specific knowledge. Transcribers utilize a variety of software and are often responsible for administrative duties.

Taxi Driver: A taxi driver is a professional driver who uses a taxi cab to carry people to their desired locations. They earn a price based on the length of the taxi cab journey by carrying their passengers.

Cleaner: Cleaners do things like dusting, wiping, mopping, polishing floors, and vacuuming to keep your business clean. They’re also in charge of conducting routine inspections to ensure that areas such as bathrooms are constantly clean.