Saint-Rémi Jobs Near Me

Saint-Rémi is a hamlet in the Canadian province of Quebec. The island of Montreal is located on the south side of the Saint Lawrence River. Saint-Rémi is located in the Montérégie administrative area and is part of the Les Jardins-de-Napierville Regional County Municipality. The village of Saint-Rémi lies 32 kilometers south of Montreal, in the province’s southwest corner.

Alexis Perras, a descendent of Pierre Perras, the original resident of Saint-Lambert, whose wife was a victim of the Iroquois, arrived in 1815 as the first pioneer. He purchased the site where the church, presbytery, and previously rue Champlain are currently located from Louis Beaudin of Saint-Constant.

Saint-Rémi is a 9,000-person village in the midst of the countryside where every employee is involved in its growth. The group promotes participative management, employee engagement, and responsibility.

Having worked for the City of Saint-Rémi allows you to participate in a variety of growth, development, and innovation initiatives. The essential principles that make the City of Saint-Rémi a fantastic place to work are communication, “coaching,” mutual help, and teamwork.


Cook: The cook makes dishes according to the restaurant’s recipes. Preparing materials, sticking to the restaurant menu, and following food health and safety standards are all part of the job description. In a fast-paced workplace, cook, clean, help other cooks and employees and deliver meals.

Automobile Mechanic: An Auto Mechanic inspects and tests cars, as well as doing preventative maintenance such as engine tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotation, and changes, wheel balance, and filter replacement. Maintains vehicle records by keeping track of maintenance and repairs.

Customer service representative: A client service representative’s primary responsibility is to handle and resolve customer concerns in a timely and effective manner. Support staff communicate with consumers across a number of channels, including phone, email, and social media, and make sure that any legitimate customer complaints are addressed promptly.

Hospital services technician: A hospital services technician is an allied health worker who offers direct care to patients under the supervision of licensed nurses or without it. The major responsibility of a healthcare technician is to help medical personnel in completing activities in their assigned unit or clinic, as well as to satisfy patient requirements.

Cashier Seller: A cashier’s responsibilities include scanning products, itemizing, and totaling customers’ purchases on a cash register. Answers client inquiries and resolves consumer concerns. If necessary, acquire bags. Return transactions are processed. Balances the cash drawer by counting money at the start and conclusion of each shift.

Finance operations director: The finance/accounting department and team are often led by the finance operations director of an organization. They are responsible for providing strategic guidance and oversight of front-end revenue cycle work procedures and outcomes. They are frequently in charge of revenue rules and processes, such as revenue billing.

Truck driver: A truck driver, often known as a transporter, is in charge of moving products from one point to another. Loading their cars, adhering to traffic regulations, and guaranteeing safe unloading and delivery at their destination are all part of their work responsibilities.

Forklift operator: As a forklift driver, you’ll be in charge of transporting products and pallets throughout a warehouse or construction site. A forklift driver’s responsibilities include the following: Materials are loaded and unloaded from a variety of vehicles. Transporting palletized items around a construction site or storage facility.

Senior accountant: Senior accountants are in charge of regulating and verifying financial activities. To ensure the efficacy and correctness of all accounting duties, you keep a ledger. On behalf of the company, it is your responsibility to balance accounts and confirm and validate bank statements.

Regulatory Affairs Specialists help in the acquisition and maintenance of regulatory approval for medicines, medical equipment, nutritional goods, and related materials. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms frequently use them. They might also work in government or the legal system.

Production Helper: Sweeping, mopping, and removing debris are among the primary tasks of the production helper. Items should be loaded and unloaded from machinery, carts, and dollies. Feed or arrange things onto processing machinery, and lubricate it.

Post Office Assistant: Receiving and sorting mail, selling postage, weighing parcels, sealing envelopes, advising clients, providing money orders, taking passport pictures, and ensuring mail have accurate zip codes and addresses are just a few of the responsibilities of a Post Office Assistant.