Saint-Sauveur Jobs Near Me

Saint-Sauveur is a community and township in Quebec, Canada, that is part of the Les Pays-d’en-Haut Regional County Municipality. It is found in the Laurentian Mountains, about 60 kilometers north of Montreal, in the administrative area of Laurentides. The city’s nearby ski resorts are well-known, with Mont Saint-Sauveur being the largest. St-Sauveur is a popular ski resort because of its closeness to Montreal, as well as its snow making capabilities, nighttime skiing, and après-ski facilities.

On September 11, 2002, the village of Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts and the parish municipality of Saint-Sauveur merged to form the city of Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts. Jean Beaulieu is now the Director-General.

The city of Saint-Sauveur, located in the Laurentians’ heartland, is known for the vitality of its economic and tourism growth, with a population of over 11,000 people, a budget of $ 27 million, and a property assessment of $ 2.5 billion. The City of Saint-Sauveur provides a dynamic and courteous work environment for its workers, which is characterized by management methods and working conditions that are tailored to the modern realities of work.

Residents, companies, and tourists may enjoy a variety of exciting possibilities and activities in Saint-Sauveur. The City collaborates with the Valley of Saint-Sauveur Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to promote tourism and investment in our beautiful region.


Sales Attendant: Retail Sales Attendants are in charge of learning product knowledge, selling products, operating cash registers, and assisting customers in order to create a positive Medora shopping experience.

Senior Accountant: Filing financial reports, making account reconciliations, keeping the general ledger, preparing tax returns, aiding with audit preparations, and other accounting activities as assigned are all responsibilities of the senior accountant.

Customer Service Attendant: Customer service attendants support consumers by answering their queries and addressing their problems and concerns. This involves providing technical assistance, explaining how goods operate and fixing disputes for customers who are dissatisfied with their products, services, or billing amount. 

Park ranger: Patrolling the park grounds, teaching tourists on safety laws and regulations, answering inquiries, providing tours, assisting with a search and rescue effort, and serving in the visitors’ center are all examples of park ranger tasks.

Marketing Manager: A marketing manager raises customer awareness by designing and implementing marketing strategies that fulfill consumer needs while also increasing profitability. Marketing managers work in a wide range of industries, including advertising, hospitality, medical care, finance, technology, commerce, and academia.

Waiter: A waiter’s job is to ensure that visitors have a pleasant dining experience by anticipating their requirements. They give recommendations and respond to queries based on their understanding of the menu. A waiter will accept an order that includes the customer’s specific preferences and notify the back-of-the-house crew.

Inspector of Urban Planning: Typically, urban and regional planners conduct the following: Consult with government officials, developers, and the general public about land use and development plans. Administrate government land-use plans and regulations. Data from market research, censuses, and economic and environmental studies are gathered and analyzed.

Entrance Gate Attendant: A gate attendant is a sort of security guard that watches a security gate that leads to a building, facility, or other location, such as a gated community or complex. A gate attendant’s job includes observing, reporting, and communicating pertinent information to coworkers and managers.

Shipping /Receiving Clerk: A shipping/receiving clerk works at a warehouse and is accountable for maintaining correct records, managing inventory levels, and handling all elements of shipping and receiving. They package products, create labels, weigh shipments, and calculate proper postage on the shipping side.

Night auditor: A night auditor is in charge of servicing visitors with nighttime requests and reconciling accounts from the day shift. They check in late-arriving visitors, respond to inquiries, and accept reservations. All accounts are reconciled, invoices are processed, and paychecks are prepared by the night auditor.