Sainte-Adèle Jobs Near Me

Sainte-Adèle is a charming small town in the Laurentian region, just 70 kilometres north of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.Its tourism economy is focused on skiing and the hotel industry. In 2011, the population of Sainte-Adèle was 12,137.

Sainte-Adèle has to be named a tourist town extremely popular for its scenery, vistas, and quality of life, and is a top destination for numerous outdoor activities. It is nestled in the Laurentides and surrounded on all sides by nature. Enjoy gourmet food in one of the many restaurants, or relax in a hotel or inn that offers massage, spa, or relaxation packages. All of this is within 45 minutes of Montréal and two hours of Ottawa-Gatineau.


SainteAdele is known as the playground of Montrealers because of its proximity and leisure opportunities. Its economy is largely dependent on the ski and tourism industries. Residents of Ste. Adele appreciates the variety of lifestyle options, which include living in the heart of town or on the lakefront. Regardless, the pleasures of nature and outdoor experiences are never far away. The principles of nature, tranquilly, and quality of life direct the residents of Sainte-Adèle.

The opening of Le Chantecler Hotel, a 45-room inn on the shores of Lac Rond, in 1938 marked the beginning of Sainte Adele’s development and growth. This hotel has since evolved into a stunning world-class resort and convention centre.

as followed by the construction of the Ste. Adele Lodge in the community’s heart in 1939. The Ste. Adele Lodge’s existence dates back to 1910, when the site at the top of the big hill was built and occupied by l’Hotel Rochon from 1910 to 1928. It was renamed La Maison Blanche in 1928 and remained in operation until 1939. Tom G. Potter, a Montreal businessman, purchased the old La Maison Blanche in late 1939, demolished it, and designed the Ste. Adele Lodge in its place.

Looking for job opportunities near Sainte-Adele? Look at some of the options here -

1. Clerk of the Court

Court clerks are used in both state and federal courts. Court clerks play a variety of positions at the state level, depending on the state’s specific rules. Leadership positions, including judgeships, are often elected positions.

The job of the clerk of court in the federal system, such as Mitchell’s, is fairly standardised, and the clerk is hired by the court rather than elected by the public. The starting salary is $82,481 at the start of the career. It can rise to $89,759 in mid-career. The highest pay is $97,036.

2. General Manager

The responsibilities of a general manager are formulating overall strategy, implementing policies  and managing staff, etc. To be effective in this role, you must be a thoughtful leader and a decisive decision-maker who can help our people grow and be profitable while also ensuring that our profits increase. The salary at the start of a career is $80,000. It can hit $80,000 by mid-career. The highest possible salary is $80,000.

3. Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Heavy-duty vehicle mechanics work on mobile heavy-duty construction equipment, repairing, troubleshooting, adjusting, overhauling, and maintaining it. Hydraulic-operated transmissions and accessories, drive trains, tracked vehicle suspensions, and steering are some of the specialties of mechanics in this area. The salary at the start of a career is $52,000. It can hit $52,000 by mid-career. The highest possible salary is $52,000.

4. Design Engineer

Design engineers are in charge of conducting research and developing new products and systems for a business. In an engineering department, they draught blueprints, construct test prototypes, and supervise the production process, among other things. The salary at the start of a career is $71,723. It can rise to $78,052 in mid-career. The annual pay is $84,380 a year.

5. Civil Technician

Civil technicians, also known as civil engineering technicians, assist civil engineers with infrastructure projects such as highway construction and bridge construction. They combine engineering and mathematical skills in designing and measuring measurements and product requirements with on-site oversight and testing during the project’s life cycle. The salary at the start of a career is $64,480. It can rise to $68,640 in mid-career. The highest possible salary is $72,800.

6. Trade Representative

The Trading Representative’s responsibilities include conducting transactions (buying and selling securities) on behalf of investors, providing market and industry dynamics data, performing investment analysis, and acquiring and managing clients. The salary at the start of a career is $45,000. It can hit $55,000 by mid-career. The highest possible salary is $65,000.