Sainte-Catherine Jobs Near Me

Sainte-Catherine is an off-island suburb of Montreal, located on the St. Lawrence River in the Roussillon Regional County Municipality in southwestern Quebec, Canada. According to the 2011 Census of Canada, the population was 16,762.

Sainte-Catherine is well known for its restaurants and office buildings, department stores and specialty boutiques,entertainment venues, theatres and performance halls, and even its residence. It is familiar ground for both native-born and adopted Montréalers, as well as other Quebeckers making a pilgrimage to the big city and tourists who have read about it in their guidebooks.


Although the land had been inhabited for over three centuries, since the founding of the Iroquois mission in 1676, it was not until 1937 that the paroisse de Sainte-Catherine de Laprairie formed a territorial organisation. The village was eventually granted town status in 1973, thanks to a population boom. Sainte-Catherine had 17,000 residents in 2006, according to the city’s official website. The opening of the Honoré Mercier Bridge in 1934, followed by the Champlain Bridge in 1962, improved the local economy significantly.

According to historian Paul-André Linteau, the street was first known as Sainte-Geneviève before being renamed Sainte-Catherine in the early 1800s. According to his novel, Sainte-Catherine Street – At the Heart of Montréal Life, the name was chosen for a variety of reasons. It may have been chosen to match the name of the Côte Sainte-Catherine or to honour Catherine de Bourbonnais, Louis XV’s alleged illegitimate daughter who lived in Montréal.

Sainte-Catherine Street is the main commercial thoroughfare in Montreal, Quebec. It runs from west to east through the central business district, starting at the Claremont Avenue and de Maisonneuve Boulevard intersection in Westmount and ending at the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre near the Cadillac metro station. In Mercier–Hochelaga–Maisonneuve, it also passes via Ville-Marie, passing just east of Viau. The street is 11.2 kilometres long and serves as the backbone of Montreal’s downtown area.

Job Opportunities

1. Assistant Store Manager

The assistant store manager assists the store manager in the day-to-day supervision of staff, inventory, and business operations, among other things. Your primary objectives are to keep the store looking professional and tidy, to draw new customers, and to keep existing customers satisfied.

2. Procurement Officer 

Procurement officers are responsible for evaluating suppliers, products, and facilities, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved transactions are both cost-effective and of high quality. To be successful as a recruitment officer, you must have an analytical mind and keep up with product and service trends. Finally, a top sourcing officer should be able to bargain quickly to ensure that all acquisitions are compliant with company policy.

3. Technical Recruiter

A technical recruiter is in charge of all facets of IT professional sourcing and recruiting for technical positions. A technical recruiter’s role is to find and fill job openings, conduct interviews, and keep track of applications. You should have a strong working knowledge of technology, technical positions, and technical skills, as well as knowledge of the recruiting process, to be an effective technical recruiter.

4.  Engagement Officer

Once a client has signed a contract, an engagement manager is responsible for maintaining a good relationship with them. They are in charge of resolving any issues that a client may have. The ability to problem solve with the client is one of the most valuable qualities an engagement manager can possess. An engagement manager’s key responsibilities include allocating company resources to the client, billing and invoicing the client, managing client expectations, and collaborating with the sales team. They must also prepare updates on the project’s success.

5. Chat Agent 

To answer questions, solve problems, and troubleshoot, chat agents connect with customers through live chat or email. Chat agents must be comfortable interacting directly with consumers since they are on the front lines of customer service. Chat agents may work from home or in a traditional office setting, though they must have previous customer service experience.

6. Immigration Consultant

Clients are assisted by immigration specialists in completing paperwork and obtaining all permits needed to facilitate their transfer to another country. Immigration consultants can specialise in relocating clients to a single region or many.

To be effective as an immigration consultant, you must be diligent, particularly when filling out and submitting paperwork. A good immigration consultant will alert clients of impending delays that can’t be prevented.