Senneterre Jobs Near Me

Senneterre is a hamlet in northeastern Quebec, Canada’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue province. It is located in the Vallée-de-l’Or Municipality of the Vallée-de-l’Or Regional County. With a population of almost 3000 people and a land area of 16,524 square kilometers, this friendly and inviting metropolis ranks third among Quebec’s biggest cities. Its vast terrain contains an abundance of open spaces as far as the eye can see, as well as lakes and rivers for a variety of summer and winter sports.

St-Paul primary school, Chanoine-Delisle elementary school, and La Concorde High School are the three schools in this city. Parent Lake and Tiblemont Lake surround this town’s central area. Avenue 10e is the city’s major thoroughfare (10th Avenue). Centre Sportif André Dubé is the name of the venue. The city’s economy is mostly dependent on forestry.

The majority of individuals in Senneterre, QC do not have any certificates. It was completed by the majority of individuals in Senneterre, QC, with 865 persons.

The majority of residents work in engineering and similar industries, with 345 individuals employed in Senneterre, QC. Another prominent subject of study is business, management, and public administration, which employs 15.82 percent of the population. Protective & Transportation Services is the third group, with 110 persons indicating that this is their line of work. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is also anticipated to expand in importance.


Production day laborer: Day laborers are persons who work in construction, light manufacturing, gardening, and other similar professions on a temporary, day-to-day basis.

Electrical Technician: Assembling, assessing, testing, and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, and apparatus are among the responsibilities of an electrical technician. Troubleshooting and fixing broken equipment, appliances, and machinery. Using hand tools and specifications, construct and fabricate components.

Maintenance Reliability Specialist: The Reliability Engineer’s primary responsibility is to assess and control asset reliability issues that might have a negative impact on plant or company operations. Loss Elimination, Risk Management, and Life Cycle Asset Management are three smaller, more controllable responsibilities within this large core job (LCAM).

Technical Project Manager: A Technical Project Manager is in charge of project planning and management for a company’s established initiatives. They guarantee that projects are executed according to specifications, on schedule, and within budget.

Technical Leader: A technical leader is a software engineer who is in charge of managing a team and ensuring that the technical direction is aligned. They may work with other positions such as Product Manager, Team Lead, or Engineering Manager to co-lead a team.

Production Supervisor: Production supervisors are most often found in processing and mining facilities, where they are in charge of supervising a single division or overseeing the entire plant’s operations. Depending on the sector and business, a production supervisor may advance to a management or executive position.

Post Office Assistant: A Postal Assistant works in the Mails, Grading, Delivery, Dispatch, Registration, Speed Post, Parcel, Money Order, Sub Account, Cash/ Budget, Accounts and Credit Union, and Savings Certificates divisions of a Post Office.

Workshop Manager: The workshop manager’s role includes more than just running the machine shop. Operations Managers are in charge of overseeing fabrication activities, but they are also in charge of controlling costs and expenses through process efficiency. Managers ensure that the necessary equipment is available and ready to fulfill production requirements.

Automation Technician: To decrease human interference and improve productivity, automation technicians repair and maintain computer-controlled systems and robotic equipment used in industrial and commercial facilities. Their responsibilities need an understanding of electronics, mechanics, and computers.

Information Officer: As an information officer, you’ll deal with both electronic and conventional library items, including online databases, content management systems, open access, and digital resources. You’ll most certainly spend a significant amount of time maintaining corporate data and dealing with internal and external systems.

Mechanical Maintenance Planner: The Mechanical Maintenance Planner is in charge of scheduling maintenance work, which includes cost, importance, labor, materials, and other factors. Work schedules can be handled once work has been scheduled and material availability has been confirmed.