Sept-Îles Jobs Near Me

Sept-Îles is a settlement in eastern Quebec, Canada, in the Côte-Nord area. It is one of the furthest north locations having a paved road link to the rest of Quebec’s highway system.

Iron ore businesses like the Iron Ore Company of Canada and the Cleveland-Cliffs mining company are well-known in the town. The iron industry is extremely important to the city. Sept-Îles has some of the highest average earnings and salary growth in the country.

Sept-Îles will enchant you with its proximity to nature, Innu culture, and industrial history. Mix with the locals and learn about the town’s attractions, activities, and eateries. A trip to the Sept Îles Archipelago, where you can see a variety of birds and climb the paths on Grande Basque Island, is a must for everyone visiting Sept-Îles. You will be charmed by the untamed natural beauty of these islands so near to a bustling urban region. The city also hosts some of the province’s most popular leisure sports events.


Chartered Accountant: The chartered accountant is in charge of developing accounting structures and procedures, generating financial statements and reports, controlling the general ledger’s master data, and assuring compliance with state revenue service regulations.

Maintenance Engineer: A Maintenance Engineer is someone who ensures that any sort of equipment is in good operating order. They conduct periodic maintenance, troubleshoot issues, and make necessary repairs. Maintenance Engineers would also be in charge of dismantling old machinery and replacing them with new ones. 

Retail Pharmacist: Retail pharmacists prepare and administer prescriptions, offer advice on how to take pharmaceuticals, and warn consumers about potential drug interactions. Customers can also speak with retail pharmacists regarding over-the-counter medications and other healthcare problems.

Supervisor: A supervisor is in charge of a small group of employees’ productivity and behaviors. The supervisor has many of the same obligations, authorities, and tasks as a manager. A supervisor’s primary responsibility as a member of management is to orchestrate and regulate work rather than execute it personally.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: An aircraft maintenance engineer is in charge of making sure the plane runs smoothly and safely. Typical daily tasks include maintaining track of and conducting planned maintenance, performing repair work, and preparing for FAA inspections.

Computer network technician: A computer network technician is responsible for setting up, maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing hardware and communications systems. Network technicians put up Internet connections, create various sorts of networks, and link them all together.

Client Advisor: Client Advisers are the most experienced advisors in the company and are the principal managers of the client relationship. The job entails managing current customer connections as well as creating and executing suggestions. Client Advisors collaborate with and teach other employees in the delivery of client services.

Administrative Officer: An Administrative Officer, often known as an Admin Officer, is in charge of providing administrative assistance to a company. Their responsibilities include maintaining an inventory of office supplies, managing business documents, and supervising department budgets.

Junior Electrical Engineer: Junior Electrical Engineers are responsible for the installation of electrical components in various devices. These entry-level engineers do tasks including creating electrical goods, managing computers, supervising equipment maintenance, producing electrical reports, and presenting technical topics to large groups of people.

Tutor: A tutor is a person who works with pupils to help them achieve academic success. They’re mostly found at educational institutions and firms that provide after-school tutoring. To supervise the completion of school work, a tutor will meet with pupils individually or in a group setting.

Cook: A cook’s job includes preparing materials in a food facility, processing client orders, cooking meals, and cleaning their workstation throughout the day in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Finance Manager: Financial managers are sometimes known as financial analysts or business analysts. Financial managers assist customers with proper business planning and decision-making to guarantee that their firms are financially successful. This might include giving advice on investments, savings, pensions, or insurance.