Shawinigan Jobs Near Me

Shawinigan, a century-old community with 50,000 residents, is located on the Saint-Maurice River, roughly a two-hour drive from Quebec City. Shawinigan is also a territory that is coextensive with the city of Shawinigan and is comparable to a regional county municipality and census division of Quebec.

Its economy is centered on big resource-based sectors including aluminum production, pulp and paper manufacturing, and electrochemistry. The town’s quick economic expansion was aided by the hydroelectric generating plant, which produced numerous firsts in Canadian history, including the first manufacture of aluminum, carborundum, and cellophane pellets. 


Shawinigan has a number of distinctive features to offer, including a lack of traffic, proximity to a vibrant and diverse metropolitan life, abundant open areas, and unrivaled citizen service quality. Shawinigan is a great place to live! There are benefits to living in the city, but there are also disadvantages. The City of Shawinigan provides its workers with a vibrant work environment that is constantly improving. Everyone makes a positive contribution to the well-being of people in order to make Shawinigan a desirable place to live and work!

House Sitter: House sitters look after homeowners’ belongings while they are away in exchange for free lodging, utilities, and if agreed upon, money. They mow the lawn, water the garden, and gather the mail for the owners.

Quality Control Director: The Quality Control Director supervises personnel and monitors product development methods to guarantee that goods satisfy quality and efficiency criteria. Clients will be consulted by the quality control manager to verify that the finished goods satisfy their demands and specifications.

Cashier: Customers are greeted, payments are collected, scanning devices are used, customer queries are answered, customer returns are accepted, and money in the cash drawer is counted.

Hostel Manager: A hostel manager develops, supervises, and trains his employees so that they can provide and sustain high-quality service to their visitors. In order to have a decent ratio of employees to guests, he must be able to train and hire a sufficient personnel level. This will guarantee that guests are always comfortable and that their requirements are addressed.

Cleaner: Vacuuming, cleaning, and mopping various types of floors are all tasks of the cleaner. Ceilings, light fixtures, worktops, and loose furniture should all be dusted. Toilets, sinks, and kitchen fixtures should all be scrubbed and sanitized. Garbage cans must be emptied.

Delivery Man: As a delivery guy, you’ll be responsible for delivering a wide range of items to various locations and along varied routes. Stick to the routes and the schedule. Loading, unloading, prepping, checking, and loading a delivery vehicle are all part of the job. Request feedback on the services you’ve provided and respond to any concerns.

Electromechanical: Electromechanical technicians work in industrial settings to install, maintain, and repair automated machinery and computer-controlled electronic equipment. This type of job necessitates knowledge and expertise in photonics or the science of light.

Product Manager: The Product Manager is responsible for product development and coordination throughout the Manufacturing Process, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with software development, sales, advertising, and customer service to ensure profits and customer gratification.

Java Programmer Analyst: As a Java Programmer Analyst, you will search for, design, and appropriately implement an interface to assist and support system functionality. Learn about input and output needs such as data entry forms, data summaries, and report formats, as well as how to troubleshoot Java systems.

Optician: An optician is a professional who prescribes eyeglasses, takes measurements, fits and adjusts glasses, and instructs customers on how to properly use and care for their glasses or contact lenses. Success as an optician requires excellent customer service, organizational, and communication skills.

Customer Service Supervisor: A customer service supervisor is in charge of supervising, leading, and training a company’s service employees. Supervisors of customer service investigate and resolve complaints about products and services. The customer service manager is another name for this position.