Suttonv Jobs Near Me

Sutton is a small town in the province of Quebec, located in the southwest. In the administrative region of the Montérégie, it is part of the Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality. Following the American Revolution, many United Empire Loyalists settled in Sutton, as they did in many other towns and villages in the Eastern Townships. Sutton was formerly a part of the Eastern Townships. Sutton, like many other villages in the province’s southwest region, has long been an anglophone outpost in a largely francophone region.

When it comes to the city’s most dominant industries, the majority are in engineering and associated fields. Another common area of specialization is business, management, and public administration, while the third category is health and associated fields.

For more than 20 years, the Town of Sutton has thrived culturally, to the point that it now identifies itself by its innovation. It’s a friendly town that’s well-known for its services. To put it another way, choosing to live in Sutton means choosing to live in an outstanding quality of life! Suttonites of all generations have a similar interest in environmental protection and sustainable living, in addition to receiving a comprehensive range of services.


Technical Adviser: The technical advisor is in charge of creating applications, offering technical expertise, and managing the operations of technicians. To be successful as a technical adviser, you must have excellent customer service skills, be able to multitask effectively and be meticulous.


Patrol Officer: Patrol officers are responsible for maintaining order, preventing unlawful activities, enforcing laws, and protecting the community and its residents in their assigned regions. Most police officers start out as patrol officers, directing traffic, issuing fines, investigating accidents and crimes, and responding to 911 calls.


Lawn maintenance worker: Pruning, mowing, mulching, edging, fertilizing, testing soil, aerating, and other lawn management tasks will be required in both residential and commercial settings. Lawn Care Technicians examine and treat lawns with fertilizer and other grass care chemicals to guarantee their health.


Cashier: A cashier’s tasks include utilizing cash registers to manage transactions with consumers. Examining merchandise and verifying that the price is correct. Receipt of payments, whether in cash or via credit card.


First Cook: The First Cook employs food preparation procedures that retain nutrients, increase flavor, and improve appearance. The First Cook collaborates with the Kitchen Manager on new recipe development, food product testing, and process implementation to ensure high-quality food is prepared and delivered.


Kinesiologists: Kinesiologists are scientists who research the variables that impact how people move. They’re looking for methods to enhance people’s health. They are interested in how to assist the human body to perform better at work, in sports, and in everyday life.


Zipline Guide: Setting stop ropes, tying required loops, helping guests in proper buckle and helmet fitting, demonstrating proper zipping techniques, operating the zipline activity, breaking guests’ pace upon incoming strategy, and performing retrievals and rescues are just some of the responsibilities of the zipline guide.


Lift operator: The safe and effective operation of mountain chair lifts, as well as the customers who utilize them, is the responsibility of lift operators. They spend their days assisting clients of all ability levels with loading and unloading from lifts in all weather conditions. Provide exceptional customer service and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.


Customer Service Representative: A client service representative’s major responsibility is to handle and resolve customer concerns in a timely and effective manner. Support staff communicate with consumers across a number of channels, including phone, email, and social media, and make sure that any legitimate customer complaints are addressed promptly.


Reservation agent: Reservation agents work at hotels and resorts to assist guests in making hotel and resort reservations. Reservation agents frequently work at resort call centers, where they answer incoming calls from individuals who want to stay at the hotel.


General maintenance worker: does routine maintenance that does not necessitate the use of a specialist technician. Fixing drywall, painting, and repairing doors and other building fittings are some examples. Maintains the building’s systems on a regular basis. Cleans and aids with facility maintenance.


General assistants are competent employees that assist other workers by completing activities that need less expertise, such as carrying supplies or tools and cleaning workspaces and equipment. While completing a range of work responsibilities, these aids are expected to offer general labor assistance to all departments.