Témiscaming Jobs Near Me

Témiscaming is a settlement in the Témiscamingue Regional County Municipality in western Quebec, Canada, nestled near the south end of Lac Témiscamingue on the upper Ottawa River. Kipawa Lake is also close by.

Témiscaming owes its origins to the arrival of the Riordon Pulp and Paper Co. in 1918. It was formerly known as Long-Sault, after the rapids of the same name along the Ottawa River. It was designed to provide a comfortable and attractive living environment in order to persuade employees and their families to live there, based on the English notion of the “garden city.”

With roughly one out of every six people working in the primary sector, the area’s workforce has one of the highest percentages of any region in Quebec. The mining industry is the region’s most important economic activity. Despite recent labor losses, the agriculture and forest sectors continue to play an important role in the region’s economy. Sporting tourism, which includes winter sports, fishing, hunting, and cycling racing, is an important economic sector, albeit it pales in contrast to the industrial sector.

Radio Presenter: A radio presenter provides the show’s introduction voice and also keeps the show moving to keep the listener entertained. Interviewing, introducing, reading news and sports, educating listeners about the weather, and establishing and managing discussion are all examples of job responsibilities.


Assistant Managers: Assistant managers help and report directly to managers. This position may entail managing an organization’s day-to-day operations, offering direct feedback to employees, maintaining payroll and personnel databases, and interviewing and hiring new employees.


Computer technicians work for businesses and organizations, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting hardware and software. Day-to-day duties may include: setting up hardware and installing software, depending on the sort of firm you work for. Repairing computers and other electronic devices.


Receptionist: Receptionists answer, screen, or forward calls on a daily basis, as well as give information, collect messages, and book appointments. Maintaining and updating appointment calendars, as well as placing orders, are all part of a regular day in the life of a Receptionist and Information Clerk.


Administrative process specialist: An Administrative Process Specialist relieves a supervisor of administrative details by developing budget suggestions and justifications, monitoring budget expenditures, and orienting students and employees to department and College rules and policies.


Child Care Provider: In childcare facilities, a child care provider supervises and cares for the fundamental needs of children. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including meal preparation, lesson planning, and homework assistance.


Physiotherapist: When someone is injured, sick, or disabled, physiotherapy can help them regain movement and function. Physiotherapy is also a type of healthcare that examines, diagnoses, treats, and strives to prevent disease and impairment.


Process Engineer: Process Engineers work in the chemical, petrochemical, farming, mineral processing, food, medicinal, and biotechnological sectors and are responsible for developing, executing, and optimizing chemical and biochemical processes, particularly continuous ones.


Electrical Engineers: Electrical engineers create, design, evaluate, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment ranging from electric motors and tracking systems to energy production and car and personal device electrical equipment.


Cartoon Dubbing Artist: Apart from an actor who may use make-up or body language to convey emotion in a scene, a dubbing artist can only communicate with the audience via their voice. I pay close attention to a character’s vocal quality, attitude, and reaction to circumstances before dubbing for them.


Supervisor: A supervisor is in charge of overseeing employees’ day-to-day performance. A supervisor may be in charge of a team, a shift, or an entire department, depending on the organization. Successful supervisors have exceptional organizational and communication abilities.


Mechanical Maintenance Engineer: The role of a mechanical maintenance engineer is to develop preventative maintenance methods for plants. Routine maintenance of plant equipment and machinery should be planned. Analyze failures, identify problems, and manage time-sensitive equipment repairs. Assist in the creation of new equipment as a project member.


Respiratory Therapist: Respiratory Therapists (RTs), sometimes known as Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs), are trained to assist physicians in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with cardiopulmonary disorders. Emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, heart failure, and chest trauma are examples of such individuals.


Teacher: A teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and educating students at all levels. They are in charge of assigning homework, grading tests, and keeping track of students’ development. Teachers must be able to teach a variety of subjects and keep students engaged with engaging lesson plans.