Terrebonne Jobs Near Me

Terrebonne is a Montreal off-island neighborhood in eastern Quebec, Canada. It’s north of Montreal and Laval, on the north banks of the Rivière des Mille-Îles and the Rivière des Prairies. The Terrebonne station on the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM) Mascouche line connects Terrebonne to Montreal’s Central Station by commuter train.


Terrebonne is the primary entrance to southern Lanaudière, located about 20 minutes from Montréal. It is one of Québec’s finest heritage sites, attracting visitors year after year with the spectacular architecture of its seigneurial structures from the 18th and 19th centuries.


The rich and intriguing history of Lanaudière may be experienced in a variety of ways. Discover everything there is to know about the region at a museum, a theatre, or an exhibition. The Lanaudois like getting together to have a good time, and this is evident in all of our activities.

Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers develop both power-producing and power-consuming devices, such as power motors, diesel engines, steam and gas turbines, as well as freezer and air-conditioning systems. Other equipment found within buildings, such as elevators and escalators, are designed by mechanical engineers.


Payroll and HR Coordinator: The HR Coordinator is in charge of providing administrative assistance to HR Managers, as well as processing payroll and keeping personnel data. Aside from that, he should be well-versed in personnel management, employee engagement, and taxation.


Night Forklift Operator: In warehouses, wood yards, shipping terminals, and factories, forklift drivers use machines to stack, unstack, or transfer things. To decrease the danger of a workplace accident, they make sure loads are appropriately distributed and secured.


Instrumentation Technician: You will analyze, calibrate, install, repair, and inspect production equipment and surveillance systems as an instrumentation technician. You’ll also be responsible for general equipment maintenance and the creation of new measuring and recording devices.


Electro Mechanic: Electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems are installed, repaired, upgraded, and tested by electro-mechanical technicians. They use unmanned, mechanized, robotic, or electromechanical technology to run, test, and maintain it.


Lawn Maintenance Laborer: Groundskeepers cut grass, edge lawns, and fertilize them. They may also trim hedges, small trees, and shrubs, and remove damaged, dead, or undesirable trees, as well as weed and mulch landscaping beds and plant flowers, shrubs, and trees.


Welder: The main responsibility of a welder is to connect metal components together. They can also repair holes in metal items. They work on the metal components of pipelines, bridges, power plants, buildings, refineries, vehicles, and ships, among other constructions. Welders are full-time employees who frequently work overtime.


Production Associate: Production associates are responsible for supervising the amounts and types of materials utilized to generate a company’s materials and end products, as well as assuring proper quality control of these materials and final products.


Cashier: The primary responsibility of a cashier is to help customers with the in-store check-out procedure. Ringing up sales, bagging products, asking price checks, honoring coupons, collecting money, and delivering proper change are some of the main responsibilities.


Warehouse Clerk: A warehouse clerk’s work includes managing a company’s stock and handling inbound and outbound products. Writing reports on shipments and inventory levels, putting labels on items, cleaning the storage space, and restocking work supplies are among the other warehouse clerk jobs and responsibilities.


Project Manager: Project Managers are in charge of planning, implementing, monitoring, managing, and shutting down projects. They are responsible for the whole project scope, as well as the project team and resources, the cost estimates, and the project’s achievement or defeat.


Millwright: A millwright is a skilled tradesperson who installs, dismantles, maintains, repairs, reassembles, and transports machinery in industries, power stations, and building sites.