Thetford Mines Jobs Near Me

Thetford Mines is a community in Quebec’s south-central region. It is the administrative center of the Regional County Municipality of Les Appalaches. After the discovery of huge asbestos resources in the area in 1876, Thetford Mines was created, and the city became a center for one of the world’s great asbestos-producing zones. To form its current boundaries, the city amalgamated with the towns of Black Lake, Robertsonville, Pontbriand, and Thetford-Sud in 2001.

Thetford Mines is the MRC des Appalaches’ capital and the region’s most populous urban conglomeration, containing both urban and rural sectors. The city is a commercial hub where industries and the natural environment coexist.

As a result, the valley has a distinctive environment that stands out due to the stark contrast between the massive mining waste piles and the lush flora. It also has a well-maintained, completely paved cycling route. Thetford Mines is a prominent regional hub in the Chaudière-Appalaches area, located halfway between Québec City and Sherbrooke, near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

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