Val-d'Or Jobs Near Me

Val-d’Or has a population of 32,491 people, as per the 2016 Canadian Census. In the Abitibi-Témiscamingue area, the city is near the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. Val-d’Or is spread over an area of 1100 feet above sea level on the Canadian Shield. The city is situated on a wide, gently undulating plain, despite its name. The city’s various parks, bike trails, and forests are well-known.

The city’s name is related to a gold rush, second only to the Klondike in terms of magnitude, that swept across the area in the mid-1930s.

The regional airline Air Creebec is headquartered in Val-d’Or, with the Val-d’Or Airport serving as its hub. Val-d’Or has benefited from the discovery of dozens of gold mines in the area. The Sigma mine, which is located inside the town boundaries, has been in operation since 1935 and is still one of the richest gold-bearing mines in Québec.

The timber industry is also crucial to Val-economy; d’Or’s the Abitibi region’s woods contribute 65 percent of the lumber produced in Québec.


Administrative Officer: Administrative officers are in charge of managing projects on a day-to-day basis inside a company. Administrative officers may also be responsible for event planning and coordination, as well as greeting new clients.


Field Service Technician: A field service technician is responsible for assisting clients with the installation, repair, and maintenance of equipment. They are in charge of instructing consumers on how to operate their equipment. They must also keep track of customer support calls and generate reports.


Forklift operator: Unloading supplies and cargo from incoming cars and stacking them in designated areas are among the tasks of a forklift operator. Locating and transferring goods inventory to pallets or crates for storage or shipping. Identifying damage and reporting shortages or poor quality.


Bus Mechanic: The Bus Mechanic works under the direction of the Transportation Supervisor to help in the planning, scheduling, and repair of the district’s bus fleet, as well as preventative maintenance. Assists with the repair of vehicles, trucks, and other motorized equipment, as well as the preparation and maintenance of necessary documents and other duties as assigned.


Banking Advisor: Banking Advisors provide clients with recommendations and explanations of banking services and products depending on their needs. Managing client bank accounts, including account opening and termination, as well as transaction oversight. Resolving client concerns and questions. As needed, do administrative tasks such as data input.


Occupational Health And Safety Officer: A company’s health and safety processes are coordinated by occupational health and safety officers. They identify hazards and assess health and safety risks, implement appropriate safety measures, and provide accident prevention and occupational health advice to management and employees.


Sorter: Sorter’s responsibilities include sorting products efficiently using factory equipment, monitoring and excluding defective items, maintaining a clean and organized production area, assisting in loading and unloading items, performing repairs on malfunctioning equipment, and inspecting inventories, and requesting basic resources.


House sitter: House sitters keep an eye on a homeowner’s home to make sure it is inhabited while the owner is gone. They turn on the lights on a regular basis to create the impression that the homeowners are present. They may also look after pets and conduct basic cleaning and upkeep.


Senior Manager: Senior Managers are in charge of a company’s or institution’s operational activities and profits. Its mission is to increase the efficiency, productivity, and performance of this company by ensuring that all activities operate smoothly.


Accountants: Accountants work with people or businesses to record financial information and handle monetary transactions. Financial analyzing and reporting, tax preparation, account auditing, and/or serving as a consultant on a wide range of financial problems may also be part of their responsibilities.


Custodial Supervisor: The Custodial Supervisor is in charge of assigning and supervising custodial personnel in order to keep buildings, offices, classrooms, fitness facilities, labs, furniture, and equipment, as well as building entrances, clean and sanitary.


Department head: Department leaders are in control of their departments. They supervise, lead, train, and manage employees. They may also carry out research and create objectives. Department heads make sure that everything runs well on a day-to-day basis.