Varennes Jobs Near Me

Varennes is a township in southwestern Quebec, Canada, that is nestled on the Saint Lawrence River in the Marguerite-D’Youville Regional County Municipality. The city is around 24 kilometres from downtown Montreal.

The arrival of the Régiment de Carignan-Salières marks the beginning of Varennes’ history. Following the end of the seigneurial administration, the five seigneuries at the inception of the colony became the parish and hamlet of Varennes. Varennes was founded in 1972 when the parish and the village amalgamated to form the city of Varennes.

For several years, Varennes has relied on a rich and diverse culture to transform its territory. Cultural organizations, artists, and artisans are encouraged to create and promote their art, for a unique and colorful local landscape.

Varennes has a Quality of living Score of 84 out of 100, which is excellent.

Varennes has a rate of crime that is 35% lower than the Quebec average.

Varennes has a 7 percent lower cost of living than the rest of Quebec.

The average price of a home in Varennes is 34% less than the national average.

Varennes rents at the same level as the rest of Quebec.

Director of Finance and Treasurer: Ensures that the company’s liquidity and financial stability are maintained as Director of Finance and Treasurer. Develops and manages treasury-related projects, policies, and budgets. This person is in charge of capital markets, borrowing, investment, foreign exchange, treasury operations, financial risk management, and corporate finance projects.


Financial Analyst: Financial analysts are in charge of tracking a firm’s financial position against a plan, analyzing business performance and market circumstances to produce projections, and giving monthly reports to senior management to assist them in making tactical and strategic choices.


Full Stack Developer: A Full Stack Developer’s key responsibilities include designing website user interactions, constructing servers and databases for website functioning, and coding for mobile platforms. Developing front-end website architecture is one of the most common duties.


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Mechanic: A mechanic is in charge of examining and repairing cars, lorries, and other machinery. These experts, often known as service technicians, are in charge of maintenance inspections, inventory management, mechanical component assembly, and repair. They are frequently found working in garages that are located indoors.


Interior Designer: On a daily basis, interior designers prepare construction papers using computer-aided drawing (CAD) and related software. They interact with other professionals such as contractors, architects, engineers, and tradesmen to ensure assignment success.


Business Analyst: Business analysts assist companies in improving their procedures and systems. They undertake research and analysis to develop answers to business challenges and assist in the implementation of these systems into organizations and their customers.


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Storekeeper: A storekeeper is a person who works in a small warehouse. Receipts, records, and withdrawals are all kept in order. A Storekeeper’s job includes inspecting materials and supplies and reporting when stock levels are low. Unpacks and receives equipment and resources.


Quality Manager: A Quality Manager, also known as a Quality Assurance Manager, is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure that all goods meet the same high-quality standards. They are responsible for creating and implementing quality-control tests, evaluating items at various stages of manufacturing, and preparing reports detailing production difficulties.


Administrative technician: Administrative jobs are those that have to do with keeping an office running smoothly. These responsibilities vary greatly from one workplace to the next, but they typically include tasks such as organizing appointments, answering phones, greeting guests, and keeping the organization’s file systems organized.


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