Victoriaville Jobs Near Me

Victoriaville is located on the Nicolet River in central Quebec, Canada. Victoriaville, located in the Centre-du-Québec area, is the seat of the Arthabaska Regional County Municipality. It was founded in 1993 by the merging of Arthabaska, Saint-Victoire-d’Arthabaska, and Victoriaville, with the latter’s name, applied to the united town.

Victoriaville is known as the Capitale des Bois-Francs because of its size and location, which refers to the province’s Bois-Francs region. Furniture, caskets, and hockey sticks are just a few of the wooden products made in Victoriaville.

Textiles, wood products, and furniture products have long been the heart of the economy, but their presence has declined in the past years. A large Lactantia factory producing butter, cheeses, and other dairy products has been a major employer for decades. Réservoir Beaudet’s filtered water is believed to be among the greatest in the world.



Manufacturing Industry

Agroforestry Production 


Merchandiser: A Merchandiser, often known as a Retail Merchandiser, is in charge of a store’s inventory and product displays. Their key responsibilities include filing warehouse inventory reports, removing any undesired products from displays, and tracking product sales.


Customer Service People: Customer service representatives assist respond to customer complaints and inquiries, provide product and service information, accept purchases, and process returns. They are sometimes considered as having a sales role because they assist customers in understanding the goods and answering inquiries regarding their reservations.


Supermarket Cashier: Supermarket Cashiers work in the checkout area and are responsible for transaction processing. Scanning merchandise, collecting payments, counting money from the cash drawer, comparing receipts to revenues, and responding to client inquiries are all tasks performed by these individuals.


iOS Developer: An iOS developer is in charge of creating apps for Apple’s iOS operating system-based mobile devices. In addition, iOS developers must have a comprehensive understanding of the system’s patterns and practices.


Logistics Agent: Customer service in regards to deliveries and timetables, ordering, tracking, planning, and reporting may be handled by a logistic agent. Someone arranges the logistics, including transportation and scheduling, whenever a product needs to travel from one site to another.


Personal Banking Advisors, also known as Personal Banking Consultants, can assist with banking accounts, loan choices, and credit applications. You could deal with new consumers or offer guidance to existing ones. Customer service should be a strong suit for Personal Banking Advisors.


Assistant Branch Manager: As an Assistant Branch Manager, you will be responsible for hiring, training, and supervising customer service agents and financial service managers. Enforce bank laws and keep an eye on bank security. Monitoring branch financial activity, auditing, evaluating reports, and controlling cash levels are all part of the job.


Customer Experience Manager: Customer experience managers organize, plan, and oversee a company’s customer service department to guarantee that the company’s interactions with its customers are optimum. Their responsibilities include creating and implementing methods to improve customer connections, loyalty, and satisfaction.


Department Manager: A Department Manager is responsible for overseeing all parts of a customer’s interaction with the organization in order to guarantee that they have a favorable experience. Through employee training, supervision, and team development, they aid in the execution of everyday activities.


Dressmakers: Dressmakers are women’s fashion designers who create and alter gowns, skirts, jeans, and pants. Sketching garment ideas, drawing patterns, cutting fabric pieces, and putting them together are all part of their employment.


Ecommerce Store Associate: The e-commerce associate will work closely with the Online Department Manager, and be responsible for the day-to-day management of assigned brands on our online stores and Gibbys Website.


Seamstresses: Seamstresses repair, mend, adapt, and create clothing and other goods to the demands and needs of consumers. They may work for themselves or for businesses such as factories, dry cleaners, grocery stores, and boutiques.


Automation Specialist: A web-based software that automates the gathering, transformation, and dissemination of a company’s operating data is developed by an automation specialist. In addition, the specialist performs performance tests on operating systems, installs electrical or electronic parts, and inspects equipment for any flaws.