Waterloo Jobs Near Me

Waterloo is a town in Quebec that is part of the La Haute-Yamaska Regional County Municipality, which is part of the Montérégie administrative division. This residential city, completely enclosed by the township of Shefford, is located in the Eastern Townships, some 90 kilometers east of Montreal.

Waterloo is a thriving city with a mix of residential, business, and industrial areas. The city is friendly, and community involvement is crucial. Because of the numerous play places for all ages, the population is active and sporty. Furthermore, its rules and laws promote environmental stewardship.

What makes Waterloo such a great place to visit?

In Waterloo, starting a business, a company, or an industry involves playing a winning hand. Waterloo, with two industrial parks, provides new investors and enterprises looking to become a part of the municipality’s economic fabric more than promising advantages. With its Investment Policy in Economic and Entrepreneurial Development, Operation Facades initiative, and tax credit program, the City of Waterloo actively encourages economic development.


In comparison to large cities, there is a lower cost of living.

At the same time, the decor is natural, rustic, and urban.

There are several recreational opportunities.

Cultural, sporting, and community activities are diverse.

Client Service Representative: Client Service Representatives utilize the phone and the internet to answer client questions, handle client complaints, and comprehend client needs. They concentrate on providing a sales and service experience that best represents the organization’s aims and standards, whether it’s for inbound or outbound calls.


Production Helper: In a factory, a production worker is in charge of operating machinery and preparing things for delivery. Assembling and inspecting products, ensuring that all machinery is running properly, and assisting in the packaging and distribution of commodities are all part of the job description for a production worker.


Housekeeper: Housekeepers operate in both home and business settings, such as offices, hotels, and hospitals, and are in charge of light cleaning. They’ll normally clean the rooms, corridors, and restrooms, vacuum, dust, mop, replace amenities, and bedding.


Medical archivist: You’ll be in charge of gathering patient information, issuing medical files, filing medical records, and processing patient admissions and discharge documents, among other things. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in medical terminology, procedures, and administrative responsibilities.


Warehouse manager: The warehouse manager is in charge of coordinating all activities at the facility, which often includes monitoring team performance, expediting product receiving and shipping, and assuring efficient, orderly storage.


Automotive Parts Expert: At an automotive service center, dealership, or other business that provides automotive equipment and supplies, a parts specialist is in charge of inventory upkeep and sales.


Assistant Butcher: Prep and arrange meat cuts and items on the display counter to make them appealing to customers. Meat cuts should be wrapped, weighed, labeled, and priced. To ensure meat quality, receive, check, and store meat as soon as it arrives.


Bilingual Customer Service: You should have a strong knowledge of both languages and the ability to provide professional assistance to customers. Your day-to-day actions will be coordinated with the Customer Service Manager. Before processing any requests or refunds, you should double-check the customer’s information.


Maintenance worker, general: Maintenance worker is an entry-level position. It is the role in charge of keeping the workplace in good order by repairing damaged tools, cleaning the surrounds, and so on. It also entails activities such as responding to complaints, conducting routine inspections, and maintaining a supply inventory.


Merchandiser: A Merchandiser, often known as a Retail Merchandiser, is in charge of a store’s inventory and goods displays. Their key responsibilities include filing warehouse inventory reports, removing any undesired products from displays, and tracking product sales.


General Clerk: As a General Clerk, you’ll be responsible for clerical duties such as answering phones, handling mail, running office equipment, and keeping track of office supplies. Performs data input and gathers, compiles, and verifies the information. A high school diploma or its equivalent is normally required for a position as a General Clerk.


Inventory Clerk: A qualified worker who takes extensive notes on the contents and condition of a property until it is rented out to a renter is known as an inventory clerk. The condition of the property after the renter departs, excluding reasonable wear and tear determines whether or not the entire deposit is returned.