Windsor Jobs Near Me

Windsor is a hamlet in the Estrie region of Quebec, Canada, with a population of 5,300 people. It is the seat of the Regional County Municipality of Le Val-Saint-François. Windsor is most famous for the ultra-modern Domtar fine paper factory.

The Windsor Economic Development Committee (CDEW) was established in 2014 to help enhance the growth of 55 Business Park, as well as to assist all commercial and industrial businesses in the area with their adoption, relocation, and expansion. Nearly two million square feet of space has been constructed since the park’s opening to accommodate enterprises looking to take advantage of the park’s many benefits.

In terms of taxes in the city, Windsor is assisting individuals in need by retaining the cancellation of fines and fees on property taxes due in the year 2021.


Organization in the economic sector

Residences in private, Cooperative, and social housing

Groups of health, social, services, & support 

Establishment, organization, and associations 

Additional sections 

Services for children 

School & Training centers for sports and leisure


Network Administrator: Network administrators are in charge of keeping computer networks running well and resolving any issues that may arise. Installing and configuring computer networks and systems are typical employment tasks. Identifying and resolving any computer network and system issues that develop.


Material Handler: Material Handler’s responsibilities include maintaining collection by identifying, labelling, and placing equipment and resources in stock, as well as tracking inventory location. Pulls and verifies goods and supplies indicated on production orders to locate materials and supplies.


Hydroelectric Station Operator: The equipment that generates energy in a hydroelectric power plant is controlled and maintained by a hydroelectric plant operator. You’ll also be responsible for overseeing operations and regulating the flow of electricity out of the facility. Operators inside the factory monitor the flow of water via the turbines.


Security Agent: Observe, deter, and report are the key responsibilities of a security agent. The Unarmed Security Guard is frequently in charge of people’s lives and the safety of public property, which could be worth millions of rupees. Let’s have a look at what an Unarmed Security Guard does.


Dietetic technician: Nutrition and dietetic technicians collaborate with registered dietician nutritionists to create menus and prepare food for persons with unique dietary requirements. They work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities.


Investment Specialist Associate: An Investment Associate’s job is to do research and make recommendations to a company’s leaders on various investment options. They accomplish this by conducting extensive study and data analysis. A large portion of the research is focused on a company’s financial capacity, as well as investment risks, potential earnings, and other aspects.


Machinist: A machinist cuts and produces precision components for machines, instruments, and equipment using computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools such as lathes and milling machines. Machinists use both manual and automated technology to repair or manufacture items with accurate specifications.


Production worker: A production worker is in charge of managing factory equipment and preparing products for distribution. Assembling and inspecting products, ensuring that all machinery is in working order, and assisting in the packaging and distribution of commodities are all part of the job description for a production worker.


Head of Process Optimization: The Business Process Optimization Manager is in charge of each day design and optimization of a firm’s business processes in order to boost overall performance. The Business Process Optimization Manager oversees the day-to-day activities of subordinate employees.


Food Preparer: A food preparer, also known as a food preparation worker, is someone who works under the supervision of chefs, food service managers, and cooks to complete routine activities. Workers in the food service industry slice meat, cut vegetables, and prepare cold items. Assisting cooks and chefs, they prepare food materials for recipes.


Cabinetmakers: Cabinetmakers are woodworkers with a high level of ability. In some areas, they are also known as Bench Carpenters. Fine wooden cabinets, fittings, and furniture are designed, made, repaired, altered, and installed by them.