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Land, as well as any permanent changes, added to the land, whether natural or man-made, such as water, plants, minerals, houses, residences, fences, and bridges, is referred to as a real estate. A type of real property is real estate. Vehicles, vessels, jewelry, furniture, and farm equipment are examples of personal property that are not permanently attached to the land.

Four Types of Real Estate

1. All new construction and resale homes are included in residential real estate. The most common kind of house is a single-family residence.

2. Shopping centers and strip malls, medical and educational facilities, hotels, and offices are all examples of commercial real estate. Even though they are used for residential purposes, apartment buildings are often categorized as industrial. This is due to the fact that they are managed in order to generate revenue.

3. Manufacturing buildings and land, as well as warehouses, are examples of industrial real estate. The structures can be used for product development, processing, storage, and distribution. The commercial real estate contains several systems that transport products. Since zoning, construction, and sales are all done differently, classification is crucial.

4. Vacant land, working farms, and ranches are all examples of land. Undeveloped, early growth or reuse, subdivision, and site assembly are some of the subcategories of vacant land.


A career as a real estate agent might be ideal for you if you enjoy meeting new people and getting influence over your work/life balance. We’ll go over how to become a real estate agent in Canada in this article.

Meeting with buyers, listening to their requirements — likes, dislikes, desires, design preferences, and so on — and assisting them in finding a property that meets their needs would be a part of your job as a real estate professional. If the selling agent isn’t you, you’ll coordinate property viewings, negotiate with the seller, and assist with the closing process.

Meeting with people who are searching for an agent to list and sell their homes is another aspect of the work. Buying and selling a house can be a long and boring process that can make certain people dizzy. However, with a well-organized work schedule and good client-management skills, you can make your career as a real estate agent satisfying and enjoyable.

These six steps will guide you through the process of becoming a real estate agent who can legally buy and sell property in Canada.

1. Start your real estate certification.

2. Join a brokerage agency as soon as possible.

3. Go Apply for licensing and take the licensing exam.

4. Get insurance of errors and omissions.

5. Complete professional practice.

6. Get your first client.



An immigration code is allocated to each occupation on the Canada NOC List, and the code for those seeking to emigrate to Canada as a Real Estate Agent is 6232. This is also known as a Real Estate Agent’s NOC Code. You may have read on the internet that obtaining a work offer to migrate to Canada is a condition for accessing the Express Entry process, but as a Real Estate Agent, you have other choices for securing your Canada Visa right away.

For instance, Real Estate Agents are eligible to apply for Canadian Immigration through the Canadian Government’s Immigration programme because there is such a strong demand for Real Estate Agents in Canada that the profession has been added to the targeted occupations list, also known as the NOC list (National Occupation Code In-Demand List). Real estate agents from all over the world are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship through Express Entry if they have the requisite expertise, experience, and credentials in their home country.

MIGRATING TO CANADA AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT? Here are some responsibilities:

Real estate agents have to perform some or all of the following duties:

1. Request land sale listings from potential buyers.

2. Assist sellers in selling their properties by determining the asking price, advertising the property, listing it with listing services, and hosting open houses for potential buyers.

3. Assist potential buyers in making real estate property selections, visits, inspections, and buying deals.

4. Provide clients with information about business rates, costs, mortgages, legal standards, and other related topics.

5. Prepare sales agreements for both the buyer’s and the seller’s approval.

6. Renting or leasing assets on behalf of clients is an option.


The average annual income for a real estate agent in Canada is $100,000, or $51.28 per hour. The starting wage for entry-level jobs is $49,707 per year, with most experienced employees receiving up to $175,000 per year.