Estevan Jobs Near Me

Estevan is the eighth-largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It’s about 16 kilometers north of the Canadian–US boundary.

Estevan is noted for its mining, oil, and power generation industries, as well as its creative spirit. Estevan has a host of outstanding leisure and educational services, and the city takes great pride in promoting a strong economic development policy, making it the perfect place to reside, work, and do trade.


Weyburn, Saskatoon, and Brandon came in first, second, and last, respectively, in the Best Places to Live in the Prairies. “We’re in fine business,” says the narrator. Estevan scored well in the areas of home affordability, wellness accessibility, and income and economy, which is noteworthy given the city’s recent lack of doctors.

Power production, mining activities, farming, refining, oil and gas exploration, and oil and gas drilling are also part of Estevan’s economy. Estevan is home to the world’s first commercial carbon control and storing facility, SaskPower’s $ 1.44 billion Clean Coal Power generation station.

Average Salaries: In Estevan, Saskatchewan, the average salary is C$21.80. Wage trends fell by -100.0 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Estevan, Saskatchewan has a cost of living that is quite greater than the nationwide average

Here are few job options for you in Estevan, SK:

Remote Call Center Representative: A virtual call center performs the same customer support tasks as an office-based call center, but employs a squad of representatives who operate from their homes or co-working spaces. To connect with clients and staff members, a virtual team uses cloud-based contact center solutions, communicating remotely rather than in person. In Estevan, SK, a Customer Service Representative’s hourly wage is calculated to be $16.07 per hour.

Financial Services Representative: A financial services agent is someone who works for an accountancy firm or another financial firm. To be able to match financial goods and services to each client’s needs, you’ll need a lot of customer service expertise as well as a decent mix of sales skills and financial awareness. Salary ranges from $36,035 to $60,753 for Financial Services Representatives.

Company Adviser: Business advisors provide guidance and assistance to help emerging and existing companies succeed. You’ll be giving advice on everything from finances to marketing plans. For this role, you’ll need strong analytical skills as well as outstanding communication abilities. In Estevan, Saskatchewan, the estimated annual income for a company analyst is $55,187.

School Counsellor: Educational counselors provide guidance to present and future students on educational matters, job readiness, and personal wellbeing, as well as coordinate the offering of counseling resources to students, caregivers, teachers, staff, and employees. School boards and post-secondary educational institutions recruit them. In Estevan, SK, a School Counselor’s hourly wage is calculated to be $29.32.

Insurance Broker: An insurance broker is a person who sells various forms of insurance plans. They are in charge of marketing new offerings to new and existing customers, as well as locating the right insurance package for their clients and completing all required paperwork. The average insurance broker wage in Estevan is $100895 a year, or $49.50 per hour.

Administrative Store Support: Behind the scenes, Administrative Store Support employees work on the challenges, fix those issues, and pull off indispensable feats such that the consumers get a worry-free buying experience we’re renowned for every time they come. Administrative Assistant salaries in Estevan, Saskatchewan range from C$52500 to C$52500 on average.

Grocery Store Manager: A grocery store’s daily operations activities are planned and directed by a grocery store manager. Creates tactics to maximise customer experience, boost retail traffic, and boost profits. Customer demands are addressed, grievances are answered, and service is fast and reliable as a Grocery Store Manager. In Estevan, SK, the median earnings for a Store Manager is $41849 annually.

Account Manager (AM): An account manager is a professional who helps an organization and is in charge of managing sales and client relationships. Account managers act as a link between a company’s customer service and sales departments. Existing customer accounts are delegated to them by the organization. The city’s estimated annual salary for an account manager is $58,478.

Ecommerce Account Manager: The eCommerce Account Manager reports to the B2B Sales Team Leader and is liable for the profitability growth of individual retail client accounts. To increase Nathan James’ share of the retailer market in new and current categories, the Account Manager will create retail chain strategies. In Saskatchewan, an E-commerce Manager’s annual income is projected to be $55249.