Humboldt Jobs Near Me

Humboldt is a town in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. It’s 113 kilometers east of Saskatoon, at the intersection of Highways 5 and 20. Humboldt, Saskatchewan currently has a population of 5,869 inhabitants.

The Canadian Register of Historic Landmarks has a variety of heritage structures in Humboldt. The Canadian National Railways Station, a Post Office, and the Humboldt Provincial Court House are among them. 


Grain, cattle, oil and gas, potash, uranium, and wood, as well as their refined products, account for roughly 95 percent of all goods produced in the province.

The key crops grown in the region are wheat, canola, flax, peas, rye, lentils, canary seed, and barley. The population relies heavily on beef cattle farming, pork production, and other livestock. Agronomic businesses arose as a result of a large number of farmers in the region.

The city of Humboldt is located in the heart of potash land, and many people work in the mines nearby. The “Iron Triangle” industrial group still hires a significant portion of the population in the city and rural district.

Average Earnings: The average family income in Humboldt, Saskatchewan is $71,979 a year. In 2015, the average income in Humboldt, SK, was higher than the national median household income.

Licensed Nurse: Without nurse practitioners, Canada’s healthcare system would collapse (RNs). They spend more time with patients than doctors and are concerned about the entire person, including their physical, intellectual, and social needs. RNs work using cutting-edge technology, conduct complicated operations and supervise and oversee personnel. In Humboldt, SK, the average Saskatchewan Health Authority Registered Nurse hourly wage is $41.01, which is 9% higher than the national average.

High School Teacher: Assign and write assignments as a high school teacher. Tests should be prepared, administered, and corrected. Evaluate student success, assess individual student needs, and share findings with parents and school administrators. Prepare and carry out remedial services for students that need additional assistance. In Humboldt, Saskatchewan, the average high school teacher wage is $63135 a year, or $30 per hour.

Equipment Operator: Heavy equipment operators operate bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, dump trucks, freight trucks, and hydraulic truck cranes, among other types of construction equipment. They use this machinery to help with the design of infrastructures such as bridges, highways, and homes. In Humboldt, SK, the average hourly wage for an Equipment Operator is $24.79 per hour. 

Territory Sales Manager: A region sales manager is in charge of a geographic location (or territory) within an entity and serves as a connection between the company’s headquarters and its presence in their region. The primary goal of an area sales manager is to maximize sales volume in their designated zone. In Humboldt, Saskatchewan, the average wage for a territory manager is $59,700 per year.

Industrial Worker: Position machinery and parts using hoisting and raising equipment such as cranes, jacks, and tractors during the assembly, set-up, and maintenance of machinery. Inspect and inspect machines and equipment for defects and malfunctions to identify and investigate. The average factory worker wage in Humboldt, Saskatchewan is $36538 a year, or $18 per hour.

Shop Supervisors, also classified as Retailer Managers, are in charge of managing the day-to-day activities of a retail store, such as stock selection and pricing. Other responsibilities include personnel management and customer relations, as well as financial management. They might also be in charge of hiring and training new hires, as well as scheduling changes. In Humboldt, SK, the average hourly wage for a department store supervisor is $21.

Financial Services Representative: The Financial Services Representative’s duties include responding to clients’ questions in a competent way, offering sound financial advice to clients, cross-selling our goods and services where appropriate, and participating in numerous training programs as needed. In Humboldt, a financial services advisor’s annual income is about $51,625.

Facility Maintenance Supervisors are in charge of the regular repairs, upkeep, and general maintenance of the various buildings within their jurisdiction. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that all maintenance tasks are done, including maintenance work, preparing maintenance, and job orders. The average yearly pay for a facility maintenance manager in Humboldt, Saskatchewan is $56972.

Farm Marketing Advisor: The External Grain Marketing Advisor is responsible for recruiting new prospect customers, providing face-to-face aspects of our grain marketing programs, and collaborating with the Cargill Industry Guide Team. In the city, the average hourly wage for a farm marketing advisor is approximately $ 41.