Martensville Jobs Near Me

Martensville is a town in Saskatchewan, Canada, that is situated 8 km apart from Saskatoon and 14 km southwest of the Clarkboro Ferry, which passes the South Saskatchewan River. This is a Saskatoon suburb. In 1966, the village was founded, and in 1969, the town was established. Martensville became a municipality in 2009.


Isaac and Dave Martens bought property north of Saskatoon in 1939. They then sold three small plots of land to people looking to relocate from Saskatoon, resulting in the founding of Martensville.

Martensville’s cost of living is 3% higher than the Saskatchewan average.

Martensville has a cost of living that is 4% cheaper than the national average.

Housing in Martensville is 32% cheaper than the national average.

The income tax in Saskatchewan is the same as the national median.

The income tax rate in Saskatchewan is 24% higher than the nationwide median

Average Income:

The median annual household income in Martensville, Saskatchewan is $111,232. In 2015, Martensville, Saskatchewan’s median family income is higher than the national average household wage

About Economic Development:

To address the needs of businessmen and residents, the Economic Development Department markets Martensville and encourages business growth in the city.

The Department collaborates with the government to provide the best possible place for businesses to develop, develop, and prosper, thus increasing job opportunities in the district, and is involved in strategic partnerships and relationships to promote a cohesive commitment to developing a healthy regional and provincial economy.

Here are some jobs that you can choose in Martensville:

Food Service Supervisor: Food Service Supervisors are in charge of inspecting consistency, resolving customer concerns, managing supplies, overseeing food storage, arranging changes, educating and empowering workers, and ensuring that safety standards are met in foodservice establishments. In Martensville, Saskatchewan, the median wage for a Food Service Supervisor is C$13.80 per hour.

Pharmacy Assistants: Pharmacy Assistants support pharmacists by conducting all clerical tasks needed to keep a pharmacy running smoothly. They take phone calls, handle the cash register, and replenish medicine and other prescription products on the shelf. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Pharmacy Assistant is $19.45.

Assistant Front Store Manager: The assistant store manager’s job is to help the store manager with the day-to-day activities of the store. Your job entails supervising workers, interacting with clients, and assisting the boss and owner in carrying out their orders. In Martensville, Saskatchewan, the median earnings for an Assistant Store Manager are C$47000.

Assistant Bar Manager: In a pub, an assistant bar manager is in charge of the bar and beverage service department’s process and oversight. An assistant bar manager is in charge of the department’s overall course, management, results, preparation, and assessment. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Bar Manager is $19.47.

Technical Assistance: Technical support staff assists consumers with troubleshooting equipment problems. Installing software, keeping track of user experiences, and working with others to enhance the company’s device needs are all responsibilities of tech support. In Martensville, SK, the average wage for Technical Support is $31721 a year.

Child Care Provider: Any or more of the following responsibilities are performed by home child care providers: Supervise and care for infants in the workplace or at home. Bathe, shower, and feed babies and toddlers. Prepare baby food and shift diapers. Plan, prepare and serve children’s meals, as well as other housekeeping tasks. In Martensville, Saskatchewan, the median hourly wage for a Day Care / Day Care Worker is C$15.48.

Automotive Technician: Automotive repair technicians examine task orders and confer with supervisors on their progress. To detect and isolate defects, inspect the engine in motion, road test the engine, and monitor automotive systems and parts with computerized diagnostic and other measuring instruments. In this Saskatchewan region, the average hourly wage for an Automotive Technician is $28.49.

Java Developer: A Java Developer is in charge of the design, creation, and administration of Java-based software. Since Java is so commonly used, especially among large organizations, everyday roles can range from having a specific program to operating on many at the same time. In Martensville, the total salary for a Java Developer is $98,898 per year and $48 per hour. A Java Developer’s annual income ranges from $69,824 and $122,544.