Meadow Lake Jobs Near Me

Meadow Lake is one of Saskatchewan’s most scenic and quiet places to live, and it has grown significantly in the last decade. It is a city in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, located in the boreal forest. It’s about 246 km northeast of Lloydminster and 156 km north of North Battleford.

The Meadow Lake Museum Society, Northern Saskatchewan Tourism, and the Meadow Lake Chamber of Commerce have collaborated to open a brand spanking new Tourist Information Centre in the region.

It operates as a provincial shopping center and is the primary commercial center in northwestern Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan’s Census Division No. 2, it is the second-largest city.

Meadow Lake:

Meadow Lake’s economy is based on tourism, fishing, fur, pulpwood, timber, agricultural grains, cattle, dairy, and poultry products. In 1955, the town had seven-grain elevators. The predominant forestry sector and associated service providers, such as trucking and forestry maintenance firms, currently dominate the city’s major industries.

Meadow Lake functions as a commercial center for the nearby villages of Dorintosh and Rapid View, as well as nearby reserves such as the Flying Dust First Nation and the Eagles Lake reserve.

 IT Technicians: Field Service IT Technicians respond to customer calls by delivering technical service and repair assistance at the customer’s site. They are in charge of deploying, servicing, and fixing equipment in the sector, as well as providing additional expertise. A repair technician in Saskatchewan earns an average of $25.20 per hour.

Client Counselor: Establishes close relationships with existing and future members; determines the life stage span of members and offers financial advice or directs them to the right advisor. In Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Member Advisor is $22.89 per hour.

Assessor Coordinator: The Assessment Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the gathering, interpretation, and dissemination of information from both academic, service, and administrative departments. When required, create item review reports to assist faculty in evaluating the efficacy of tests and research pieces. In Meadow Lake, SK, the average compensation for an Academic Assessment Coordinator is $38.741.

Cashier: Ensures that customers have a good experience by providing reasonable, polite, and courteous service. Scans goods, itemize, and totals customers’ transactions on a cash register to record revenue. Answers consumer concerns and resolves customer problems. If necessary, buy bags. Return transfers are processed. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a cashier is $12.34.

Senior Performance Tester: Performance checking ensures the crucial elements of an application work as intended under differing consumer loads. Senior Performance Tester: It aids us in assessing the resource use, speed, affordability, response time, scalability, and reliability of any given application and preparing it for development. A Senior Performance Tester’s annual salary ranges from $69766 to $75000.

Farmworker: Farmworkers use agricultural equipment to grow cattle and plant and harvest crops. You don’t need any special qualifications for this position, but having farm experience – whether by professional experience or a weekend or holiday job – would be beneficial. In Meadow Lake, SK, the average hourly wage for a Farm Laborer is $19.07.

A school teacher’s job is to stimulate, empower, promote, and instruct students. Learners of any age and from any experience are welcome. Teachers, on the other hand, are those that train school-aged children for the purposes of this guide (roughly 4-18). Teachers play a variety of positions in the classroom. In Meadow Lake, the average wage for a High School Teacher is C$63871.

Bakery Clerk: Bakery clerks are responsible for managing the bakery’s cash register, packing baked goods, and collecting payments from clients. They make sure that the bakery’s showcases are filled with fresh bread and other baked goods. Apply toppings to the bread, run the divider, and check the product’s consistency. In Meadow Lake, SK, the average hourly wage for a Bakery Clerk is $13.91 per hour.

Analysis Analyst: A research analyst is in charge of gathering, evaluating, translating, and reporting data on stocks, processes, finance/accounting, economics, clients, and other topics relevant to their profession. In Meadow Lake, SK, the annual income for a Research Analyst is $81,520.