Melfort Jobs Near Me

Melfort is situated southeast of Prince Albert, 172 km northeast of Saskatoon, and north of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s in the Carrot River Valley, which is known for its black loamy soil and agriculturally productive lands. Melfort is located in the Lower Saskatchewan – Nelson drainage basin, which is marked by a prairie ecozone.

Melfort, Saskatchewan has a population of 5,992 inhabitants. In 1903, Melfort was formally incorporated as a village. In 1904, the community’s long-awaited rail arrived, allowing for rapid population growth.

Melfort Golf & Country Club, which has an 18-hole grass greens golf course and the Spruce Haven picnic park, is located within the city limits of Melfort. The Melfort Exhibition Grounds have a show ring, grandstand, gallery, and exhibition house.


Agriculture is the financial system. Melfort Research Station, as well as several other agriculturally related industries, are based in Melfort. Melfort is also next to a major diamond mining site.

Financial Advisor: A financial planner is a finance specialist who consults and advises on a person’s or a company’s finances. Financial planners will assist individuals and businesses in achieving their financial targets faster by advising them on wealth-building techniques. In Melfort, Saskatchewan, the estimated annual wage for a Financial Advisor is $64099.

Hardware Engineering Manager: A Hardware Engineering Manager manages and oversees all facets of a company’s hardware engineering operations. A Hardware Engineering Manager is responsible for reviewing and approving monitoring and quality assurance procedures. A bachelor’s degree in the field of specialization is usually required. In Melfort, Saskatchewan, the average hardware construction manager wage is $133744 a year, or $64 per hour.

Guest Service Agent: Guest Service Agents are in charge of communicating with hotel guests who choose to make or cancel reservations. When visitors arrive, they are greeted, rooms and suites are assigned, keys are given, and payment information is collected. To meet the needs of guests, Guest Service Agents manage housekeeping, porters, transportation services, and kitchen personnel. In Melfort, the average hourly wage for a Guest Service Agent is $13.63.

Registered Veterinary Technologist: Veterinary technicians, also known as vet techs, certified veterinary technicians, or LTVs, support veterinarians with the physical treatment of animals. Drawing blood, inserting catheters, administering medications, and handling anaesthesia during surgery are among their duties. In Melfort, SK, Canada, the annual salary for a Veterinary Technician is $42,996 per year and $21 per hour.

External Farm Marketing Advisor: The External Farm Marketing Advisor is largely responsible for recruiting new prospect customers, as well as providing the face-to-face aspects of our grain business solutions and interacting with the Cargill Business Guide Team. In Melfort, SK, the average wage for Marketing is $55,066.

Human Resource & Facilities Manager: The Human Resource Manager will oversee and coordinate the Human Resources (HR) department’s daily operations, such as hiring and recruiting employees, overseeing salaries, compensation, and leave, and upholding corporate policy and procedures. In Saskatchewan, the estimated annual wage for a human resources officer is $83,302.

HR Payroll Officer: Payroll is often called a part of the HRM department and they work exclusively with the people being hired and are in charge of determining the workers’ salaries, bonuses, and benefits. In Melfort, Saskatchewan, the average income for a Payroll Administrator is C$53488.

Casual Shelter Worker: Shelter Worker on the Other Assist clients with information, referrals, safety preparation, and advocacy. Cleaning, heating, and general housekeeping Ensure the options for life skills and schooling are available. In Melfort, the average hourly wage for a casual shelter worker is $25.

Food Service Supervisor: Food Service Supervisors are in charge of inspecting consistency, resolving customer concerns, managing supplies, overseeing food storage, arranging changes, educating and empowering workers, and ensuring that safety standards are met in food service establishments. In Melfort, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Food Service Supervisor is C$13.80.