Melville Jobs Near Me

Melville is a tiny village in Saskatchewan, Canada’s east-central region. The city is 45 km southwest of Yorkton and 145 kilometers northeast of Regina, the provincial capital. P population was 4,562 at the 2016 census, making it Saskatchewan’s tiniest region. Melville Millionaires hockey team competes in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, and the Melville Millionaires baseball team competes in the Western Canadian Baseball League.


Melville’s price of living is 8% lower than the Saskatchewan median and 15% lower than the national median. Saskatchewan, in particular, is a province with a high standard of living and a low cost of living. Housing rates in Saskatchewan’s towns and municipalities are smaller than in other large Canadian cities, making homeownership accessible to a wide range of residents.

Agriculture is the city’s leading industry, and the abundant crop of farms and ranches forms the economy’s hard base. The rural trade district, which has a population of 50,000 people, is a significant food processing area in Saskatchewan, producing grain, cattle, poultry, and dairy products, among other things.

Following are some jobs you can opt in the city:

Continuing Care Assistant: Assists patients with medical care and tasks of everyday life in order to maintain their optimal level of functioning. Assists employers, patients, and seniors in achieving their physical and mental goals. In Melville, SK, the annual salary for a Care Assistant is $44,471.

School Bus Driver: The duties of a school bus driver include standard solutions that are prepared for vehicle inspection, adhering to safety and traffic laws, and keeping order among students on the bus. To succeed as a bus driver, you must love communicating with children and adhere to all passenger transportation regulations. Melville, Saskatchewan’s annual school bus driver wage is $47693 a year, or $23 per hour.

Transportation Supervisor: Oversees and coordinates the transport of all business needs, including livestock, by the Transport Drivers. Interviews employ, and records employees, as well as ensuring their work responsibilities match or surpass efficiency expectations. Keep track of the department’s spending. Maintain the automobiles used for transportation. In Melville, Saskatchewan, the annual transportation supervisor wage is about $78,705.

Quality Assurance Analyst (QAA): The Quality Assurance Analyst is in charge of developing evaluation schedules, automating test events, and setting up an electronic monitoring infrastructure. Before a game, website, or digital product is launched to the public, quality assurance (QA) analysts are in charge of the final stage of production. QA reviewers examine the software for bugs and vulnerabilities. Melville, Saskatchewan’s annual QAA income is $72,834.

Nurse: Without licensed nurses, Canada’s healthcare system will collapse (RNs). They spend more time with patients than doctors and are concerned about the entire person, including their physical, cognitive, and social needs. RNs work using cutting-edge technology, conduct complicated operations and supervise and oversee personnel. In Melville, SK, the average hourly wage for a Registered Nurse is $41.19 per hour.

Agronomic Technical Consultant: The role of the agronomic technical advisor is to build relationships and collaborate closely with producers, local distributors / ag-retailers, and other key players in the local rural community. Showcase a diverse variety of specialty materials, including fertilizer, biostimulants, soil conditioners, and animal feed. Melville’s annual ATC wage ranges from $57,000 to $75,000 a year.

Railway Crew Driver: The driver is in charge of the train’s engine, as well as the train’s mechanical service, train direction, and another train handling. To become eligible under federal railway operating requirements, students must pass both a Canadian railway operating rules exam and a rigorous railway signals exam. Railway crew drivers in Melville, SK earn an average of $17.43 per hour, which is 14% higher than the national average.

Call Centre Operator: Call Centre Operators take client calls, as well as Internet and email requests about goods and services, and advertise the products and services on the company’s website. Without specific qualifications, you can work as a Call Center or Contact Center Operator. On-the-job training could be available. In Melville, SK, a call center operator’s hourly wage ranges from $22.20 to $27.24.