Moose Jaw Jobs Near Me

Moose Jaw is the province’s fourth-largest city and is located in southern Saskatchewan. At the secret Tunnels of Moose Jaw, actors tell the tale of the city’s early Chinese immigrants and a supposed Al Capone relation. Mac the Moose, a massive sculpture, sits alongside the Trans-Canada Highway. Buildings downtown are adorned with colorful murals depicting scenes from the city’s past.

It has a population of approximately 33,890 individuals. This welcoming city provides a high standard of living that is suitable for all phases of life, including working, raising a family, and retiring. The neighborhood is clean, and there are plenty of supportive volunteers and low-cost events. Residents enjoy all of the benefits of living in a smaller community, with a diverse and multicultural population and a solid economic base, thanks to proximity to countless leisure, park, cultural, and business opportunities.

Moose Jaw is a significant railway hub for the area’s agricultural products as well as a manufacturing base. The Snowbirds, Canada’s military aerial air show flight demonstration unit, are based at CFB Moose Jaw, which is a NATO flight training facility. There’s even a casino and a geothermal pool in Moose Jaw.

With major oil refineries, fertilizer and salt manufacturing plants, flour milling activities, massive grain storage facilities, vast stockyards, and a slaughterhouse, the region has become one of Saskatchewan’s most industrialized. In the Moose Jaw RM, agriculture is the most important industry. In addition, the sector benefits from a well-developed rail network. 

Moose Jaw:

Financial Advisor for Home Financing: A financial advisor is a finance specialist who consults and advises on a person’s or company’s finances. Financial planners will assist individuals and businesses in achieving their financial targets faster by advising them on wealth-building techniques. In Saskatchewan, the estimated annual salary for a Financial Advisor is $64099.

Air Traffic Controller: An air traffic controller coordinates the passage of aircraft in order to keep reasonable distances between them. They monitor the movement of planes into and out of the airport’s airspace, direct pilots through takeoff and landing, and keep an eye on planes while they fly for security reasons. In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, the annual wage for an Air Traffic Controller is $64,382 a year and $31 per hour.

Welder/Fabricator: A traditional welder fabricator is responsible for assembling a number of metal pieces. Welding isn’t quite enough when it comes to metal fabrication. Fabrication materials and parts could be machinable by welder fabricators. In Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a welder is $24.41.

Associate Attorney: Associate attorneys are lawyers with little to no expertise in their profession. All of them are fresh out of law school and only starting out on their professions. Associate attorneys usually begin their careers as paralegals, helping with cases and writing reports under the supervision of a senior attorney. In Saskatchewan, the gross annual wage for a lawyer is $95738.

Regional Administrative Assistant: A regional administrator is in charge of an organization’s corporate activities in a certain geographical location. To carry out service arrangements and operations, they provide logistical and clerical assistance. They must demonstrate good leadership in order to supervise and direct their staff in achieving company objectives. In Saskatchewan, an Administrative Assistant should expect to receive about 61,000 CAD a year.

Trainee Business Account Manager: Prospective consumer lead generation, telemarketing or cold calling, prospecting, visiting customers’ offices or homes to show goods, identifying consumer needs, and pitching a suitable product or service are some of the primary responsibilities of an entry-level account manager. The estimated annual salary for a corporate account manager is $61,051. 

Census Enumerator: A Census Enumerator’s specific duties include visiting residents, filling out survey papers, gathering relevant data, answering interview questions, and communicating survey forms to people. Saskatchewan’s average hourly wage for Census Enumerators is $17.92, which is comparable to the national average.

Letter Carrier: As a temporary, on-call delivery service, also known as a postal worker, you’ll be the voice of Canada Post in your community, ensuring that consumers and companies get their mail and parcels on time. Saskatchewan’s average hourly wage for Canada Post-Mail Carrier is $20.20, which is 18% higher than the national average.