North Battleford Jobs Near Me

North Battleford is a town in Saskatchewan, Canada, located in the west-central part of the province. It is the province’s seventh-largest city, located directly across the North Saskatchewan River from Battleford. “The Battlefords” is the name given to the two cultures when they are combined.

North Battleford was founded as a village in 1906, a town in 1907, and a 5,000-person community in 1913, all along the railway line. One of the first inhabitants in and near North Battleford was the Assyrians. 

North Battleford:

North Battleford has an 8% lower standard of living than the rest of Saskatchewan.

North Battleford has a cost of living that is 14% cheaper than the national average.

Housing in North Battleford is 58 percent cheaper than the national median.

The income tax in Saskatchewan is the same as the average income.

The income tax rate in Saskatchewan is 24% higher than the median.

Oil and gas exploration, infrastructure, manufacturing, educational facilities, and wholesale and retail trade are all areas where it is a development pioneer. Agriculture, forestry, recreation, logistics, and warehousing are all important factors. More than 62,000 people live within a 100-kilometer radius of the trade center.

The economy of North Battleford represents the significance and diversity of the region as a service and industrial center for northwestern Saskatchewan. Oil and gas exploration, infrastructure, manufacturing, educational facilities, and wholesale and retail trade are all areas where it is a development pioneer.

Few work opportunities in North Battleford:

Manufacturing Manager: Manufacturing managers are in charge of the coordination and execution of a company’s manufacturing operations. This role necessitates extensive human resource management, success management, and strategic planning expertise. Manufacturing Managers in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, earn an average of $107,575 a year and $52 per hour.

General Labor: A laborer is an individual who performs manual labor, particularly in the building and manufacturing industries. Laborers use blasting machines, hand tools, machine tools, air tools, and light heavy machinery, and they also support other trades including operators and cement masons. In North Battleford, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a laborer is $17.84.

Powerline Technician: Technicians who work on overhead and underground power generation transmission and distribution facilities are known as powerline technicians. In general, powerline technicians link power distribution and transmission networks by splicing, soldering, and insulating conductors and associated wiring. The annual wage for an entry-level power line technician with 1-3 years of experience is $62,707.

Supermarket Delivery: Retail grocery delivery is a courier service in which food is sent to a customer by a restaurant, shop, or independent food-delivery firm. Entrees, sides, snacks, sweets, and food products are among the items usually shipped in boxes or sacks. In North Battleford, the median hourly wage for a Food Service Worker is $19.04.

Parts & PAC Administrator: A PACS administrator is responsible for managing and preserving image archiving and communications systems (PACS) in the healthcare sector, ensuring productivity in all activities. The estimated annual salary for Pacs Administrators in North Battleford is $85,017, or $41 per hour.

Service Writer: Also known as service consultants, service writers act as a contact between consumers who need car maintenance and the technicians who will conduct such repairs. Usually, these auto maintenance professionals work with car dealerships or repair shops. In North Battleford, SK, the median hourly wage for a service writer is $27.35.

Education Resource Support Tutor: Education Resource Service Tutors help children with disabilities who need extra learning and support in special schools, specialist support courses in public schools, and mainstream classes. They will help with things like school schedules and classroom tasks. In North Battleford, the average hourly wage for school assistance is $27.35.

Education Technology Advisor: As an instructional technology coordinator, your role is to oversee the integration of technology into a school district’s curriculum. You assist teachers in integrating technology into individual classes, determining which academic programs can use more technology, and developing interactive curriculum guidance. In North Battleford, SK, Educational Technology raises almost $90400.