Prince Albert Jobs Near Me

After Saskatoon and Regina, Prince Albert is Saskatchewan’s third-largest city. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, it is in the province’s heart. Since it is the last big center along the road to the riches of northern Saskatchewan, the city is recognized as the Gateway to the North.

Prince Albert is also a logistics center for northern Saskatchewan’s gold and uranium mining operations. Oil mining, woodworking, paper, and pulp grinding, and food packaging are among the sectors. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan has a population of 35,926 inhabitants.

It grew as a lumbering hub in the early 1900s, and was named after Queen Victoria’s consort. Prince Albert is also a logistics centre for northern Saskatchewan’s gold and uranium mining operations. Oil mining, woodworking, pulp and paper milling, and packaged foods are among the sectors. The Saskatchewan Western Development Museum has one of four branches in North Battleford. This branch reflects on Saskatchewan’s farming heritage, which includes a pioneer village.

Prince Albert:

Government, forestry, hospitality, farming, and mining make up the city’s economic base. The government, which employs about 11% of the city’s population, is the city’s biggest employer.

According to a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Prince Albert is on the rise in terms of entrepreneurship, ranked 12th out of 100 municipalities surveyed across Canada (CFIB). The report looked at things like industry start-ups and self-employment, as well as more specific aspects of the business economy like the potential to create new business and the effectiveness of government business policies.

Seasonal Housekeepers: Housekeepers are responsible for light cleaning in residential and industrial buildings such as schools, restaurants, and hospitals. They’ll usually change the bedding, scrub the rooms, hallways, and toilets, vacuum, wash, mop, refill toiletries, and prepare the beds. In Prince Albert, the average hourly wage for a housekeeper is $13.28.

Mechanic: Position machinery and parts using hoisting and raising equipment such as cranes, jacks, and tractors during the assembly, set-up, and maintenance of machinery. Inspect and inspect machines and equipment for defects and malfunctions to identify and investigate. In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Mechanic is $31.25.

Courier Jobs: Courier jobs include delivering parcels and documentation on behalf of institutions, corporations, government departments, and individuals. They collect documents and parcels from customers’ offices or homes and send them to their ultimate destination within the same city. In Prince Albert, the average hourly wage for a delivery driver is $21.13.

IT Support Technician: IT Support Technicians are responsible for keeping their employer’s operating systems and networks up to date. They often assist network customers in using appropriate devices and apps by responding to any concerns that might occur. It’s a combination of technical work and customer service. In Prince Albert, SK, the annual income for its funding is $70,303 a year.

Remote Engineering Jobs: Engineers deal with computers, prototypes, and electronics, but they also use math and science to create engineering and discoveries that form our world and change the way we live and work. Engineers in Prince Albert earn an average of $30.23 per hour.

Project Officer: Plan Officers schedule and organize project operations such as preparation, filing, and record management, among other things. Project Officers provide Project Managers and Project Administrators with various tasks. In Prince Albert, SK, the annual wage for a Project Manager is $78,112.

Management Trainee: A management trainee serves in a company under the supervision of supervisors and executives. Their aim is to gain all of the necessary skills to become potential administrators, usually in specific fields such as marketing, sales, or operations. In the city, the median earnings for a Management Trainee are $45692 per year.

Store Manager: Maintains work outcomes for store workers by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees, as well as organizing, tracking, and evaluating job performance. Prepares an operating estimate, schedules spending, analyses variances, and takes disciplinary steps to meet budgetary goals. In Prince Albert, SK, the annual wage for a Store Manager is $51,840.

Fitness Manager: Fitness managers are in charge of leading and managing their facilities’ day-to-day plans and activities. Fitness administrators also organize staff schedules, generate revenue-generating suggestions and decisions, handle crises, and, in some situations, give prospective customers tours of the gym. In Canada, the average annual wage for a wellness manager is $49,575 per year.