Regina Jobs Near Me

Saskatchewan, a Canadian province, has Regina as its capital. Aboriginal peoples and Canadian wild animals are represented in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s collections. It’s in the Wascana Centre, which is a park that wraps around Wascana Lake. Its population is estimated to be around 263,184 people.

Following WWII, Regina expanded quickly to become an important transportation, manufacturing, and distribution center for a vast agricultural area. Large Canadian railroads, several highways (including the Trans-Canada Highway), and a major airport serving the area.

Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, was ranked 97th out of 415 cities in the nation. The Ideal Places to Live in Canada ranks 415 cities around the country based on ten criteria: income and economy, affordability, rising populations, taxes, commute, safety, environment, access to health care and resources, and culture.


Regina’s two biggest industries are steel and manufacturing.

The acronym IT refers to information technology.

Power and the climate.

Two of the most critical facets of a person’s life are finances and insurance.

area of agriculture which is among the world’s most significant sectors.


Regina is a city in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. Its activities were originally restricted to operations in the agricultural hinterland. Oil and natural gas, as well as potash, kaolin, sodium sulphite, and bentonite, all play important roles in Regina’s and the surrounding region’s economies.


Recruitment Specialist: The responsibilities of a recruitment specialist include interacting with potential candidates both online and in-person, checking applications, and supporting recruiters. Finally, you’ll be in charge of finding qualified applicants while still maintaining a positive candidate experience. The average recruitment specialist salary in Canada is $51,675 a year, or $26.50 per hour.


Hiring Authority: Staffing consultants, also known as management professionals, are in charge of a company’s recruiting procedures. They’re pros at scouting new prospects, putting hiring plans in place, and coming up with interview questions for vacant positions. The average job recruiting manager salary in Regina, Saskatchewan is $59760 a year, or $29.50 per hour.


Business Associate: A distributor or subcontractor who has access to Protected Health Information is referred to as a company associate. Under HIPAA, a Business Associate is an agency that uses or discloses PHI on behalf of a Covered Entity. A market analyst’s annual salary in Regina, Saskatchewan is reported to be $52,520.


Mortgage Servicing Specialist: The operational elements of a mortgage are the responsibility of a mortgage servicing specialist. Checking and reviewing loan application documents, the processing needed paperwork, and filing borrower information with the lending agency are all part of your duties in this position. A Loan Officer Mortgage makes an average of $71,299 per year and $34 per hour in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Branch Manager: The role of Branch Manager does not entail any formal education. The majority of employers, however, will require a bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or a related field. Advanced degrees, such as a Masters or Doctorate, are preferred by senior or high-profile positions. Branch managers are typically responsible for all facets of the branch office, including staffing, marketing, and customer support. In Regina, Saskatchewan, a Branch Manager, Banking receives an average of C$68784 per year.


Process & Management Consultant: Quality managers are enablers who succeed at optimizing worker performance, according to Process & Management Consultant. They are experts in the fields of industry, human resource technology, partnering, and consulting services that help companies diagnose and solve success problems. Process Consultant salaries in Canada range from 61,300 CAD to 190,000 CAD.


Human Resources Advisor: As an HR Advisor, you will be responsible for a wide range of human resource services. One of the main duties will be to provide advice to both employers and businesses on both recruiting new hires and caring for current ones. Human resources advisors in Saskatchewan earn an average of $63,478 a year.


Field Technician: A field technician is someone who works on-site to service, diagnose, and rebuild electrical equipment or facilities for an organization. Computers, heating and cooling equipment, security systems, heavy machinery, and other goods fall under this category. Field technicians on the job can be used in factories, processing facilities, and building sites. In Regina, Saskatchewan, the typical field service technician salary is $69050, or $33 per hour.


Creative Coordinators: Creative coordinators support the publicity or advertising departments of an organization. Maintaining the departmental schedule, tracking new ad plans to ensure they are on target, processing budgets, and coordinating vendors are just a few of their duties. The estimated yearly Creative Director salary in Regina, Saskatchewan is C$114,462 year.