Swift Current Jobs Near Me

Swift Current is Saskatchewan’s fifth-largest city. Swift Current is economically beneficial because it served as the Crown’s primary military, supply, and communications hub throughout the war. Between 1882 and 1891, the Battleford region’s nearest railway loading point was Swift Current.

The Swift Current Museum, Swift Current Art Gallery, Lyric Theatre, and Swift Current Library are all located in the neighborhood. The Windscape Kite Festival, the largest of its kind in Western Canada, is also held in the region.

Swift Current, as the largest city in Saskatchewan’s southwest province, is proud of its thriving downtown business district. From June to September, the common Market Square is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Swift Current Mall and the Wheatland Mall are two major shopping centers in the city, each with a diverse range of shops and businesses.

Swift Current is known for its excellent educational scheme. The Chinook School Division and the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic School Division all offer outstanding primary and secondary education. The Great Plains College provides training, elementary, and post-secondary education to the city and surrounding area.

When it comes to Swift Current’s economy, the increasing farming, manufacturing, gas and oil, hospitality, and service sectors all contribute to the city’s dynamism.


Account Manager: Account managers act as a liaison between their boss and the accounts (customers) they are responsible for. They pay close attention to a client’s requirements and devise strategies for achieving those goals. In Swift Current, SK, an Account Manager’s annual compensation is calculated to be $52651.


Panelist for Consumers: The panelist’s main responsibility is to plan, share, and present their report. Paper presenters must distribute copies of their papers to discussants and other panelists at least two weeks and no less than five working days before the meetings begin. In Swift Current, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Customer Service Representative is $14.18.


Housekeeping Supervisor: A housekeeping supervisor is someone who is in charge of supervising the cleaning crew’s jobs. A Housekeeping Supervisor oversees the work of other team members and assigns cleaning responsibilities to cleaners. Regina, Saskatchewan’s annual housekeeping supervisor wage is $48181 a year, or $23 per hour.


Providing operation and customer satisfaction during field trips or dispatches as a field technician. Managing all launch, restoration, servicing, and testing activities on-site. Identifying mistakes or operational issues and recommending appropriate remedies. In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the average hourly wage for a Field Service Technician is C$23.45.


General Maintenance Worker: The General Maintenance Worker is responsible for doing routine maintenance and repairs to specified appliances and buildings, such as plumbing, electrical, basic carpentry, insulation, and other construction systems. In Prince Albert, SK, the median hourly wage for a General Worker is $26.00.


Public Health Inspector: Public health officials monitor the sanitary conditions in restaurants, hotels, schools, clinics, and other public buildings, among other things. Assess human, medical, and chemical risks in the workplace, as well as protection and environmental conditions. In Saskatchewan, Canada, the average public health inspector wage is $62812 a year, or $30 per hour.


Grocery Associate: Grocery Associates serve in retail stores’ grocery departments, welcoming shoppers, stacking shelves, changing items to ensure freshness, delivering customer support, keeping the shop tidy and orderly, and reporting to superiors. In Swift Current, SK, the average hourly wage for a Grocery Associate is $14.91.


Lawyer: Lawyers provide potential alternatives to a client’s legal difficulties; advise a client on actions that could have legal ramifications; and. Explain the legal questions and solutions to the customer so that he or she can make an educated decision. In Saskatchewan, the gross annual wage for a lawyer is $95738.


Retail store supervisor: A Retail Supervisor’s responsibilities in the apparel industry include supervising other employees, usually salespeople and potentially other staff. Retail supervisors motivate, educate, and potentially discipline workers in accordance with management’s demands. In Saskatchewan, Canada, the annual salary for a Retail Supervisor is $45,920 per year and $22 per hour. A Retail Supervisor’s annual wage ranges from $34,382 to $55,498 per year.